How to Take Care of Wicker Furniture During Winter

The combined elements of winter can be pretty harsh to your outdoor furniture – it can speed up their natural aging process and possibly destroy it. Just how do you winterize your outdoor furniture? Here are some tips:

  1. Store it away.

Rattan furniture pieces don't do well in the cold so it is best to store them away if you can to prevent irreversible wear-and-tears. In choosing the right storage space, make sure to pick dry and dark places because this is where wicker furniture pieces strive best. Also, make sure to remove seat cushions and paddings before storage.

  1. Cover them.

If you lack the shelf space to store your rattan furniture pieces indoors, then it is best to invest on furniture covers that can protect them from the winter cold.

While high quality covers are usually enough, it is still very vital to clean your furniture from time to time. Remove snow and ice clumps that can potentially cause the rattan fibres to expand – loosening the entwined weave.

  1. Repaint if necessary.

It is natural for wicker furniture pieces to flake due to natural aging. Make sure to check for any loose weaves and signs of flaking. If you spot flaking on your rattan furniture, repaint them right away to prevent it from getting worse.

  1. Give it a thorough check.

Make it a point to inspect your outdoor furniture from time to time for any signs of small damages as well as wear-and-tears. It is best to repair them right away to avoid the enormous costs of replacements in the future.

There you have it, some important tips to help your outdoor furniture pieces get through winter! In maintaining wicker furniture pieces always remember: Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure so make it a point to properly maintain them when you can.

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