Is Your Outdoor Living Space Winter-Ready?

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Before the winter is in full swing, it is essential to prepare your outdoor living space. When winter-proofing your home, you have to keep in mind that your outdoor living space should be protected, too.
We have gathered some steps you can follow to make sure that your quality outdoor living space will be well protected all winter long and ready to be enjoyed again when spring comes around.
The first thing you need to concern yourself with is a thorough cleaning of your outdoor living space. Debris such as dirt, leaves, and pine needles can settle between the pavers of your patio or deck and this can increase the chance of decay and mold to form.
Before the debris gets covered in snow, sweep the area clean with a broom then use a garden sprayer to spray it all down. If there are any existing mold or midew, dilute three parts water and one part bleach and apply using a garden sprayer. For a deeper clean, you might use a pressure washer for your patio.
When spring comes around, the last thing you want is to find your grill covered in rust. Before snow falls, make sure to thoroughly clean all the racks with a grill brush. You should give the burners and other metal parts a coat of cooking oil as this helps prevent rust by repelling moisture. You should also cover the gas line opening with plastic to keep any mice or small animals from turning it into their winter home.
No matter what type of grill you’re using, be sure to cover it with a heavy-duty vinyl cover.
Plotted pants, no matter how aesthetically-appealing they are, are susceptible to freezing temperatures. They also provide an ideal spot for water to accumulate and cause damage. If you have flower pots and planters, it would be best to move them indoors for storage during the winter season.
If the planters you have are too big, or if you have no place to store them, you can elevate them off the patio surface instead. You may also wrap them in burlap or other insulated materials to protect both the plant and the planter.
If you have sturdier features such as grills or fountains, you can protect them with heavy-duty vinyl covers. Between the moisture and freezing temperatures that come with the winter, these accessories can experience some problems. If you have birdhouses, wooden benches and garden boxes, you should also cover or seal them off during the winter.
As for outdoor furniture, Palm Casual patio furniture needs no protection during the winter season as they are designed to withstand all kinds of weather. If you need more patio furniture that are easy to maintain, visit our website today.


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