Keep the Kids Busy at Home This Summer

Group of children sitting on the grass

Have you ever felt the desire to just stay at home and spend the day just relaxing on your own private outdoor living space? As much as you want to spend your day off indoors, your kids would want to go out. You get it, they are bored. We get you, too! Here are some ways on how to keep your kids busy at home so you can also just lie around and wait for the day to end:
2 to 3 Years Old
For the small kids, make sure you only give small objects that are not choking hazards: plastic cups, rubber balls, rattles, and shiny bangles, among others. If you want your kids to stay busy, you have to provide random objects, too. If you have enough space outside, place your kid’s playpen near you or have a make-shift fence and lay out a blanket for your kids to play in.
3 to 4 Years Old
For toddlers, you can provide fun yet educative activities for them to do. One is stacking. The idea is to give your kid similar objects and have him or her categorize them. For example, have your kid sort a box of vehicles into emergency trucks, race cars, etc. You can also let him or her organize loose changes while letting him or her keep a few of the copper-colored ones. You can also give your kid a blank book that he or she can write on. Another interesting choice would be to play restaurant. This option promotes creativity and fun.
5 Years Old and Up
The older kids are more adventurous than the younger ones. One idea for them would be to have paper airplane test flights. Get your used papers and have your children make paper planes out of them. Have them throw the planes in the air, and wherever that plane lands, they must mark it with masking tape. When measuring the distance, use a tape measure and list it down. For older children that are into arts and crafts, you can let them make scrapbooks. There are materials designed for kids, so you might want to buy some for your children. This activity also lets your children’s creativity run wild while having fun and being artistic.
As an activity for the whole family, let your children make a blanket fort! This can be enjoyed both during the day and at night. You can even make snacks for all of you to enjoy as you spend time outside, under the sun or the stars.
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