Keep Trick-or-Treaters Safe This Fall

Two boys in the park with Halloween costumes, having fun

Everybody, both young and old look forward to Halloween and it is no wonder! It’s the only time kids get to dress up as anything they wish to be and have all the candies they want. For parents though, Halloween is also something to worry about. Is it safe? Will the kids be ok? At times we worry too much about our kids’ safety out there that we overlook how we are keeping our own yards and porches safe for other parents’ kids.
Here are some ways to keep trick or treating kids safe in your yard:

  1. Clean Up!

You can do this the morning before trick or treat. Make sure there are no toys, junk, sharp objects,    and animal droppings where kids would be walking. Your yard or lawn should be safe to walk through. If possible, create a clear path for the kids. Remove anything that might be in the way, like garden tools, ladders, and cords.

  1. Choose safe lighting options to illuminate your yard.

You can use LED lights, yard spot lights, and glow sticks to create a soft but eerie atmosphere. Avoid candles as much as possible. Go for LED candles instead of real ones to insert in your Jack O’ Lanterns. Those are much safer for kids who are in long costumes.

  1. Keep Your Pets In

If you have dogs, it would be safer if you have them inside your house temporarily or in any safe location, for that matter. Dogs are very territorial by nature, and most of them get too stressed out by strangers, too. It is common for them to bark or snarls when they see unfamiliar faces or hear unusually loud noises. For the kids’ safety and your pets’ peace of mind, keep them where they cannot be bothered.

  1. Give away treats in the driveway!

We can see a lot of benefits here. First, you need not leave the comfort of your seat whenever someone comes. You can also help keep an eye on kids going around. You can even play some music and create a mini haunted house if you want. You can just sit on your comfy chair and wait for pirates, witches, and fairies to turn up.
Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday. You should not allow any accidents in your yard to dampen the mood of the occasion. Allow kids to have fun in your yard while keeping them safe, too!


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