Keep Your Backyard Safe This Summer

Old wood white fence and green grass.

Can’t get enough of backyard barbecues, swimming pools, and bonfires? Don’t worry; so can’t we! That’s what summer is for – having fun with family and friends under the sun! Just before you get carried away with the season and the warmth it brings, ask yourself this important question: Is my yard ready and safe for summer?
Here are some tips to help you secure your backyard:
Keep a safe parameter around fire pits and grills.
Grills and fires should be placed away from trees and your home. Children or pets should not be allowed to play around fires or grills. Before firing up a gas grill, it is best to check for any cracks, leaks, and other damage. In the event of a fire, call the fire department. If you can have a fire extinguisher nearby – that’s better.
Be a pool shark.
Accidental drowning is one of the causes of death in children between ages 1 to 4.  All precautions must be taken to keep the children safe. Diving boards, pool stairs and slides should be secure and in good condition – if not, have them repaired immediately. Pool chemicals should be stored away in a secure area where no children or pets can access them. Make sure that there are no trip hazards lying around (garden hoses, sporting equipment, toys).
Secure the deck.
Before you have people come over, make sure that you examine your deck carefully to ensure that it is in top condition. Having someone stub their toe on a raised nail can be a joy-buster. Use a hammer and nail set to tack down any nails that may have popped up overtime. You can also choose to coat it with deck toner before having any parties.
Mind the bugs.
During this season, expect spiders, ants, and other crawlers to start moving around and into your house. Most of these critters don’t pose a serious health issue, but some spiders have venomous bites. When stopping bugs in their tracks, it is still better to use natural insect control products instead of chemical pesticides. If you also have any torn window and door screens, you have to repair or replace them immediately – these help preventing insects from coming inside your house.
Make sure your outdoor furniture is in its best condition.
It is also important to ensure that your patio furniture is ready to be used by many people. If your existing outdoor furniture has seen better days, do not think twice about replacing it. Casualties might be prevented if you provide seats and tables that are safe to use. For durable outdoor furniture made with high quality materials, check out the collections of Palm Casual.

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