Keeping Your Outdoor Living Space Safe

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Summer is finally here and with the weather nicer, it’s not hard to see why you and your kids would like to spend more time outdoors. If you are worried about the safety of your children in your outdoor living space, there are certainly some steps that you can take to address these concerns.
Here are some tips on making your outdoor space safe this summer, especially for your kids:

  • Check the Safety of Your Deck or Porch Railings

The space between every baluster on your deck or porch should measure no more than three inches. Any wider than this and it may be dangerous for your little ones. If your railings happen to be over three inches apart, consider installing a mesh or a plastic rail guard.

  • Install a Fence and Gate Around Your Pool

Enclosing your pool with a four-sided fence and a gate will help you keep the kids out of the pool when they’re not supposed to be there, or when there’s no one to supervise them. You might also want to consider getting a pool alarm to let you know when someone’s in the pool. However, please note that false alarms are not uncommon with pool alarms.

  • Keep Your Garden Equipment Safely Hidden

Kids are naturally curious, especially about things that they are not familiar with. Unfortunately, that includes equipment and tools that they are not supposed to be touching like hedge trimmers and lawn mowers, among others. Also, keep chemicals and fuel far from their reach.

  • Install Sufficient Lighting

Because it is the perfect season to spend the evenings outside, you and your family would probably want to hold barbecues every once in a while or simply have dinner under the beautiful evening sky. Make sure that you have sufficient lighting in the area not only to give you a magical ambience but also to keep the incidents of trips and falls at a minimum.

  • Invest in High-Quality Outdoor Furniture

Do you know how many kids (and even adults) get hurt because of faulty and low-quality furniture? You don’t want to take the risk. So make sure that you have the best outdoor furniture from Palm Casual that can ensure that you and your family are comfortable and safe whenever you spend time outside. Make sure that you arrange them strategically, too, to achieve an easy traffic flow in your space.
Spending time outdoors with your kids is the perfect opportunity for your family to create wonderful memories. Keep your space safe and you can be sure that every moment is truly worth remembering.

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