Keeping Outdoor Rugs Looking New

Welcome foot wipes on a porch

Your outdoor rugs bring all your patio furniture set together. It gives your outdoor space that cohesive look. It can also deliver a smooth transition from one part of your yard to another. During summer, it can protect your little ones’ feet when they are playing. Of course, they also add color and a fun element to an otherwise dull floor.  Yes, it does all that and more for you. The question is, what do you do for it?
Caring for Your Outdoor Rugs
Your outdoor rugs do not expect you to get all worked up about it every single day. All it asks you to do is to give it the TLC it deserves. Most patio rugs today are made of very durable material and are fade-resistant. It can definitely take occasional vacuuming. Remember that you have to vacuum both sides of your rug because it’s quite easier to get all the accumulated dirt that has been grounded deep into the rug from the underside.
We know that some homeowners hang their rugs from clotheslines and hit them with brooms. While that may be a fun de-stressing activity for you, it’s actually torture for your rug. First of all, it’s not in any way efficient. It also damages the structure of the rug and loosens the threads. You have to remember that your rug is made of countless fibers that are woven together. If some of the thread gets a little loose, keep yourself from pulling it, thinking you can remove it. Instead, you should cut it as close to the surface with a pair of scissors.
Dealing with Spills
Let’s admit it. Spills are inevitable. No matter how careful you are, it’s bound to happen sometime – especially if you have children and/or pets at home. Instead of stressing yourself about not spilling anything on it, you should focus more on the right way to handle spills when they do happen.
If there’s one universal rule when it comes to stains and spills that would be “Blot, not scrub.” Some may not realize it but scrubbing the stains will only push them deeper into the fibers of your rugs. Of course, that’s going to be harder to remove.
If you are going to store your rugs, make sure that you protect them from mildew and moths. Moths lay their larvae in dark and undisturbed areas. Mothballs could help you avoid damages from moths. Have your rug wrapped in a breathable fabric as the lack of air can cause mildew and even rotting. It’s also best to keep it where it’s not going to be damp or humid.
These simple steps can help you greatly in extending the life of your outdoor rugs. How about you? How have you been taking care of your outdoor are rugs?

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