Keeping Your Outdoor Living Space Private

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Some people enjoy spending time outdoors where the air is fresh, and the scenery is beautiful. Just imagine if you can enjoy that same fresh air and beautiful scenery right at your own outdoor living space! If you want that luxury at your own home plus some privacy, just follow these useful tips:
Overhead Coverage
Privacy is not just putting up fences around the perimeter of your house. You can actually have an overhead privacy that is equally effective. Arbors and pergolas are excellent ways to add more shade while keeping outdoor spaces secured from top-floor windows. You can also opt to add headers and footers to the joists for a more substantial look. Not only that, but you are also adding extra layers of privacy, structural support and architectural interest as well.
Privacy Panels
Have you ever seen outdoor drapery panels? Pretty, aren’t they? Other than being aesthetically-pleasing, outdoor drapery panels are also practical. If you intend to add more privacy to your outdoor space with fabric, it is best to double the amount of panels needed. This offers sufficient surface area to pull the drapery closed whenever you want to. At the same time, it also ensures a full, gathered look when drawn back.
Hanging Planters
To give proper visual balance to an area, designers would often group objects in odd numbers as well as stagger their heights to keep the eye moving. The same principle can be applied to hanging planters. You can try filling an exposed corner of your patio with moss-covered baskets that are grouped together to create that effect.
Plush Ferns
You probably have seen some homeowners use ferns in their patio or deck. Ferns are an ideal choice if you want to add more privacy to your outdoor living space. They have the ability to thrive in shaded areas and they can also grow upwards and downwards. As ferns mature, they will fill in the space above the planter and cascade down its sides. That results in more privacy as well as gorgeous color, texture and shape.
Window Box Planters
Another way to add privacy to your outdoor living area is by creating a privacy wall with the use of window box planters.
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