Keeping Your Patio Furniture Clean

A home’s outdoor furniture speaks to a homeowner’s sense of style and commitment to property maintenance. Oftentimes, however, property owners fail to care for their patio furniture and allow it to become ruined by the elements over time. Creating a comprehensive cleaning regimen doesn’t have to be a challenging task, even for the busy homeowner. Here, we’ll outline the steps needed to keep patio furniture looking its peak best this season.


A Simple Wash Can Clean Resin Wicker Furniture

One of the leading benefits of wicker furniture is that it’s easy-to-clean. It’s the low maintenance choice for the homeowner that simply wants to enjoy their outdoor space without taking on challenging cleaning responsibilities. Before cleaning, homeowners should remove the furniture’s cushions. Dirt and other contaminants can then be removed by spraying the furniture down with a hose or pressure washer.


Metal Furniture Requires Careful Cleaning with Soap and Water

Metal furniture often requires the homeowner to use a careful cleaning process using soap and water. It’s important to select a mild soap, in case the metal is not sealed, as underlying material might be affected by corrosive elements in the soap content. Fortunately, those who choose products such as the Hanamint Collection from Palm Casual will discover that the product is manufactured using an aluminum sealing, thereby providing additional strength against material corrosion.


By understanding professional cleaning techniques and committing to research, homeowners can quickly create a high-efficiency cleaning regimen. To learn more about maintaining patio furniture products, please contact the team here at Palm Casual directly today!


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