Large Patio? No Problem!

Backyard rock garden with outdoor inground residential swimming pool, curved wooden deck and stone patio

Having a large outdoor setting is both desirable and appealing. However, it can also bring about some unexpected design challenges. You will be faced with questions like, “What type of outdoor furniture should I choose?”, “What is best way to lay out a large space?”, and “What should be the size of the outdoor furniture I should use?”, etc.
We have prepared some helpful tips for decorating larger outdoor spaces:
#01. Delineate Areas and Sections
Having a large outdoor living space allows you to artfully divide it into sections to help you meet your and your family’s needs while creating an appealing design at the same time. You can create a section for the dining area, garden space, and a lounge area with a plush lounge setting.
Delineating sections can easily be done strictly with outdoor furniture placement or you can also use different patio paver looks for each section for more distinction. Trellises, potted plants, and other landscaping effects can also be used to effectively create areas within a large outdoor expanse. The placement of pathways and lighting can also help delineate an outdoor space in a more appealing way.
#02. Choose the Right Size of Outdoor Furniture
With abundant space on your side, you can easily deck your patio out with a large outdoor table paired with chairs. However, it is still best to consider the activities you are more likely to do on your outdoor living space. Will you use it mostly for informal gatherings? If so, then you should consider having casual seating and a bar table, too. Your options are endless.
#03. Have an Outdoor Living Room
Since you have the space, make sure to utilize it. You can create a large outdoor living room that allows you to have a whole extra room beyond your home for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with your family! Comfort is key, so make sure that you choose design elements that will make the space as appealing and comfortable as possible.
A large outdoor lounge setting and accents like tables for setting drinks and snacks, potted tress, and an outdoor fire table can help complete the look of your outdoor living room. Make sure to choose an outdoor furniture color that will accentuate your design.
#04. Use the Right Cushions
When it comes to patios, cushions are a designer’s best friend. They promote that homey feeling that some outdoor living areas sometimes lack. Cushions with a bit of color and stylish design will make your patio brighter and more vibrant. It is the perfect way to create a comfy, welcoming outdoor area that will really wow your guests!
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