Learn about the Different Kinds of Patio Furniture Part 2

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Our series on styling your patio furniture began with the styles you could choose for the overall look and feel of the collection or pieces you plan to buy—modern, mid-century, and contemporary. Today, we’ll create your dream patio through a different approach, this time with the kinds of materials your patio furnishings can be made from.


Rattan is a type of palm tree native to areas in the Western hemisphere. The tree has a strong, fibrous inner core surrounded by a harder outer layer. This combination makes the tree ideal for various uses, including furniture and construction.

During the 1800s, Europeans began to prefer rattan over willow for making wicker baskets, furniture, and other goods. Rattan wicker has a slightly different appearance and texture than willow wicker, but many manufacturers prefer it because it is stronger. Be careful, though, as moisture exposure can ruin rattan-made patio furniture.


Wicker outdoor furniture is made from a type of material that is characterized by its intricate weave. This weave gives outdoor wicker furniture its distinct look. Additionally, the material of outdoor wicker furniture is typically very durable, which makes it a good choice for outdoor furniture.

Wicker furniture is made by weaving together strands of different materials. This creates a strong and durable material that can hold much weight. The strength of wicker furniture depends on the type of material it is made from. 

  • Natural wicker is made from materials that come from plants, while synthetic wicker is made from artificial materials. 
  • Manufacturers can make synthetic wicker in various colors, while natural wicker is the same color as its base material.

All-weather wicker patio furniture is a great choice for anyone looking for rustic yet rugged patio furniture for their outdoor space. When choosing the perfect all-weather wicker patio furniture for your space, remember the type of weave you want and the material.


Willow wicker is a type of basketry made from the willow tree. The tree’s branches are used to create a supple and thin material that can be woven into baskets and other objects.

Willow is very light, but it is also very strong. Willow wicker is made of a natural plant so it will degrade in wet conditions. If you keep willow wicker in a dry place, it could last a long time, but if you leave it outside in the wet season, it might break the next time you try to use it.

Patio furniture made from this material is commonly treated with various methods to make it more durable in wet conditions. However, bring your wicker furniture inside or under cover when it rains.

As We Conclude

From period styles to various woven materials, these options can create a distinct outdoor area for your family and friends to enjoy. Remember that woven materials respond to weather conditions differently, so pay attention to your climate before buying patio furniture. Rattan doesn’t go well with moisture; willow has to be treated, while wicker can withstand most conditions.

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