Learn about the Different Kinds of Patio Furniture Part 3

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From styles and materials to choose from, we’re now at the end of our series on patio furniture in Orlando, FL. This time, it’s about adorning your outdoor area with different shapes. There are only two this time, so stay alert!


Rounded outdoor sectionals are pieces of furniture that are designed to be used outdoors. They are also apt because they are shaped like a circle. They typically have a table or other seating arrangement in the center, which acts as the focal point, and are made from weather-resistant materials such as wicker, aluminum, or teak, and they often have cushions or pillows for added comfort. Rounded outdoor sectionals can be used for seating, lounging, or even as makeshift beds.

This kind of patio furniture is perfect for social gatherings and can provide ample seating for everyone in attendance. Additionally, the shape of a round sectional can help to make the conversation flow more easily between guests. Some outdoor sectionals have a curved back that forms a half-moon shape. The one key characteristic that all rounded outdoor sectionals have is back curvature. This curvature makes the sectional a small part of a complete circle.

Several different types of outdoor sectionals are available, including full-circle, half-moon, and rounded. Rounded outdoor sectionals usually have a space open in the middle, allowing guests to get in and out of the circle. Some rounded outdoor sectionals have all sections with backs, while others have some sections without backs.


A U-shaped outdoor sectional is a type of outdoor furniture designed in the shape of a letter U. This type of furniture is typically used for seating multiple people at once and can be placed in multiple settings, such as on a patio or deck.

Choosing a U-shaped outdoor sectional will benefit you the most if you have a large patio. These sectionals take up a lot of room, and even if you have an extra-large patio, one can provide enough seating for all your outdoor furniture.

A U-shaped outdoor sectional will complement them nicely if you have other hardscaping features with right angles on or near your patio. These sectionals also tend to fit well into the nooks and crannies in your outdoor space.

Different types of U-shaped sectionals vary in size, with some being small enough to fit on a moderately sized porch while others take up dozens of square feet. Most larger models of U-shaped sectionals feature daybeds and may be capable of seating more than 20 people. U-shaped sectionals are made of various materials, including wicker, rattan, plastic, and metal wire.

To Conclude

Thank you for reading our three-part series on outdoor sectionals available to you. We hope the styles, materials, and shapes available have enlightened you on how to choose the best pieces for your patio space. You can revisit our previous sections here and here, or if you have any additional questions, send us a message on our Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube accounts. We are always happy to help.

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