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A comfortable outdoor space requires equally comfortable patio furniture and there is no other place to get the best deal, but from Palm Casual located in East Orlando. Now that spring is coming up, dining outdoors while enjoying the sun’s heat is one of the best feelings after the long winter. Having comfortable patio furniture helps you relax and lets you enjoy the fresh breeze of the warmer season. Hosting parties and events, whether big or small for families, friends, or even the whole neighborhood will be such a delight.

Patio furniture can also complement the comfort and style that you have already have themed furniture and accessories. You might consider having a gazebo that is perfect for having a seating area in your yard, no matter what the weather is – come rain, come shine, we are ready for you! While the kids are having fun swimming in the pool, let the adults sit back and de-stress on a beach chair with a refreshing tropical shake in hand underneath the shade of a colorful umbrella. With careful planning, turning your backyard into a peaceful retreat for your family and friends will be an easy thing to pull off.


Palm Casual is a family-owned manufacturing patio furniture business. We were established in 1979 in Orlando Florida. We started small and we manufacture as much as we can while our amazing suppliers provide us with exceptional materials to work with. This gave us a distinct edge among any other patio furniture stores in the nation. Over the past 37 years in this industry, we eventually opened 16 stores nationwide to better reach our customers no matter where they might be. We had it in mind to provide the most affordable priced furniture pieces and accessories.

Here in Palm Casual East Orlando, we offer a wide range of patio furniture to choose from – all items have that will go well with the themes you have in mind.

With the right pieces of outdoor furniture paired with the right accessories, you will surely enjoy entertaining outdoors where your guests can enjoy the awesome outdoor scenery. Here are ideas of what Palm Casual Collections has to offer for your basic outdoor patio needs:

Outdoor Bar

One other way to enjoy your outdoor living space is by setting up your own outdoor bar. This lets you entertain guests on a whole different level! From a colorful swanky bar to a fancy hotel-inspired one, you are sure to give your guests a different outdoor experience. There are many styles and themes to choose from in order to create the perfect bar of your dreams. You can choose from our collection different pieces that would complement your patio. Click on the Products button to check out our Wicker outdoor furniture collection. We offer high-end weaved patio furniture items that give off an authentic feel of the tropical islands.


Eating outdoors sure trumps the routinary indoor setting. Especially during the warmer months, you might want to try serving your scrumptious dinner on your patio, complete with candles and relaxing music for a night to remember. Comfortable seating should be your priority. Heavy-duty cast aluminum furniture styled with elegance does the trick. Here at Palm Casual East Orlando, our collections are meant to survive all kinds of weather. You don’t need to worry about having to store your pieces away when it snows or rains. You can check out our aluminum furniture collection by clicking on the Product button to see more of your options. If you, on the other hand, have big events that let your guests go around mingling and getting to know each other, you might want to consider going for the chaise lounges. This option encourages guests to sit closely to one another. We have the perfect collection in store for you! Check out our Hampton, Bonita, Grand Cypress, and the rest of our other collections by clicking on the Products button.

Accessorize Your Patio

It’s a sunny day today! Why not spend some time outside, relaxing by the pool under a shade from a sturdy umbrella? Check out our available umbrellas that go well with all our patio furniture collections. Check out the variety of Sunbrella cushions recently added to our additional products due to public demand. You can never go wrong with these accessories.

As our company philosophy goes, we ensure you the best quality we have to offer. We have a 30-day money back guarantee – this goes to show how much we want you to trust the quality of our products. Fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form so we can send you more details about the 30-day trial, upcoming promos, and our latest patio furniture collections as well as outdoor accessories. You can also drop by our store located at 1410 N Alafaya Tr, Orlando, FL. We look forward to giving you the best additions to your outdoor living space!