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When it comes to dining al fresco, anything goes and planning the perfect style for you takes careful planning and the right kind of patio furniture that fits right in your budget and perfect for your outdoor theme. Shopping for patio furniture can be really demanding of your time and  efforts, and not to mention, finding the right store that has the furniture you need is definitely a challenge for first time buyers. If you are residing around Jacksonville, you might want to drop by here at Palm Casual in Jacksonville, Florida. We have a large selection of furniture collections to choose from and we guarantee that it is of high quality with weather-resistant materials,  beautiful umbrellas for coverage from the sun, and fabric options to match your interior decor. So, whether you do much outdoor entertaining, it’s still nice to enjoy moments for yourself like your daily morning cup of coffee or a refreshing afternoon smoothie by your patio.


We, At Palm Casual, is a family owned and operated manufacturing and distributing patio furniture business. We have sold to the local public since 1979 in the Orlando, Florida area. Over the past 37 years, our business has grown to 16 additional family owned stores to better serve our customers. We see to it to provide our clients with factory prices, best quality, and outstanding service in the industry. With the help of the local public, we received great reviews  and feedback by remaining firm in our promise to serve our customer like no other patio furniture store.  We, not only sold and distributed to direct buyers, but also to hundreds of furniture stores throughout the nation.

Preparing for the summer is a wise move to do as early as now, so when this hot beautiful  season arrives you and your family are prepared to just go outdoors to your backyard for a fun dining or partying experience. We feel we have the product qualifications and excellent service to serve all of our local customers needs. Check out our products to view the options for your ideal patio furniture or accessories. We manufacture thousands of cushions everyday in a variety of patterns and colors, we look forward to the opportunity to help you decorate your outdoor space. With an ideal climate for outdoor entertaining, our Jacksonville, Florida store is here to assist you in enhancing your patio and outdoor experiences. Here are some ideas of what our company has to offer for your basic outdoor patio needs.

Outdoor Bar

Having outdoor bars gives your home that grand and chic edge which enhances your entertainment area for your guests. Planning for your outdoor bar designs can be inspired by diversified remarkable themes, from a classic country pub to a serene retreat with beautiful views. The exciting thing about outdoor bar designs is they allow you to experiment with different styles, materials, and colors. You might want to check out our furniture made out of Aluminum materials- this stylish and durable aluminum furniture design is perfect for whatever theme you have in mind and is also very easy to clean. When it comes to bar accessories, we offer bar chairs and options for each set of outdoor wicker furniture. Create very intimate and meaningful, enchanting and comfortable areas in your own home.


Forget about parties and events for a second, and let us just focus on a quiet and peaceful space for you to sit back on our comfortable wicker furniture or our stylish outdoor sofas, and catch up on your favorite novel while drinking a rich glass of wine. Check out our available collections like Relax Collection, The Georgetown Collection,  Catalina Collection, and many more!


Nowadays, the backyard or whatever outdoor space you have in your home leads to the best table in town. Most especially if you provide your guests with comfortable seating, mood-setting lights, accessories,  the perfect playlist to keep dinner going way past the dessert. Finding the best outdoor dining furniture is the most important part to achieve the perfect outdoor setup. Have a look-see at our cast aluminum collection by clicking on our products. 

Accessorize Your Patio

Choose outdoor tables that comes in many shapes and sizes and outfit it with our durable and bright Umbrellas.  We have added to our fabric options, the Sunbrella Fabrics to give you more colorful and exciting options to choose from. Take a look by clicking on the products button for more information.

We invite you to shop at Palm Casual in Jacksonville, Florida for your outdoor furniture and and we have a 30-day money back guarantee! Don’t forget to fill our ‘Contact Us’ form in order for us to send you more details about our exciting promos, latest patio furniture collections as well as outdoor accessories. You can also drop by our store located at 11323 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL . We look forward to providing your home with a little piece of paradise with our patio furniture.