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Do you take pride in your outdoor living space? Do you know that people can say a lot about you and your home just by how your patio looks? Yes, many claim that they instantly know whether the house owner is welcoming if his or her patio is nice and well-kept. That’s only one of the reasons why you should consider giving your outdoor living space a makeover.

Aside from the feedback you’d get from your friends, family, and neighbors, what’s important is the comfort your outdoor living space gives you. Can you honestly say that after a tiring day in the office, you look forward to sipping a hot cup of coffee in your patio? Or are you always in a hurry to get inside because the space is simply depressing?

There are many other reasons to upgrade your outdoor living space. You might hesitate, thinking that it will cost you an arm and leg, but please know that sprucing up your patio doesn’t have to be expensive. More often than not all a patio needs is a fresh splash of color on the walls, and of course, beautiful patio furniture.

Palm Casual N.W. Atlanta provides homeowners with a wide variety of options for elegant yet durable and comfortable furniture for their outdoor space. You read it right. You can get your dream outdoor space when you visit our branch!

When you have our amazing patio furniture, your family will surely look forward to spending special moments with you all the time. You’ll also feel confident about inviting your friends and colleagues because you know your patio will leave them impressed! Palm Casual gives you the chance to achieve that magazine-worthy patio you’ve always wanted.


Palm Casuals incredible story began in 1979, a humble business that’s family-owned and operated. Then and now, we are dedicated to creating only world-class furniture for patios and gardens. Since the day we have opened, our focus has always been on the quality of the products that we provide our customers. As years passed, we have built lifelong relationships with the best suppliers of high-quality materials like raw aluminum and PVC.

In the span of 37 years, we are able to open all 16 branches across the United States, aiming to expand our reach and have more homeowners enjoy the quality of furniture we offer. We always strive to meet the needs and wants of all our customers by providing affordable furniture and accessories without compromising quality. We also supply furniture to various furniture stores and businesses around the country.

With the quality of the products that we make available for you, there’s no reason for you to hold back and not have a really nice patio. Find yourself a set that will both provide you with the comfort you and your family need after a long day at work and the confidence to invite your friends over for dinner parties!

Here are some great ideas for your outdoor living space:

Outdoor Bar

Everybody wants to take a turn in hosting fun celebrations for family and friends. That dream can be a reality if you get yourself an outdoor bar! You can check out our amazing outdoor tables and chairs that will surely help you achieve that cool vibe you’d love to have.

You also might want to see our collection of aluminum furniture that is perfect for yards and gardens. If you want elegance and comfort, make sure you see our Kona line. If you want something that is warm to your eyes, then our wicker collections of chaise loungers and bar chairs should be considered. Do click on the Products button so you can see all your options. Better yet, drop by our N.W. Atlanta branch and get a ‘feel’ of our furniture firsthand.


Everyone loves food. Now if you’re hosting your own dinner party, you definitely want to find ways to enhance the dining experience aside from serving the best food. Make sure that your guests are comfortable while having dinner with our Captiva, Grand Cypress, and Marsh Harbour dining sets. They are made so you can have drinks and catch up with your friends in comfort. Check out our Bonita, Grand Terrace, and Hampton collections and see how our furniture can bring you closer to your loved ones!

Patio Accessories

Kids love to play outside. If you have kids or you have nieces and nephews visiting on weekends, have the peace of mind knowing that they are comfortable and safe. You can serve them drinks and desserts while they’re lounging under our fun umbrellas! We have a variety of designs and colors for you to choose from. See our Sunbrella cushions too, and be amazed by how easily they can transform a boring poolside.

You’ll see a lot of exquisite products at Palm Casual N.W. Atlanta branch. Experience our great furniture now! They come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Fill out our ‘Contact Us’ form and learn more about our current and future promotions. Be the first to know about our upcoming lines of furniture and accessories for your patio. Visit us soon!