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Do you think your outdoor living space could benefit from an upgrade? There is no doubt that everyone needs some down time after a long day’s work.  Most of us need a place where we can unwind and enjoy.  We need a personal space where we can enjoy some quiet time alone and what better place than your very own backyard?

A beautiful gazebo or a cool outdoor bar in the backyard could just be what you are looking for. If you have a large space in your garden that needs to be improved, it would be a nice idea to invest in hard wearing furniture that can handle any type of weather – no need to worry about storing them during the rainy season. The Palm Casual Orlando branch offers an array of collections presenting comfortable and modern outdoor furniture. Let us help you create that beautiful patio, yard or garden that complements your home’s interior. If you are looking to create an outdoor space for your family and guests to enjoy, let Palm Casual Orlando assist in giving you the best outdoor setting you’ve always dreamed of.


Palm Casual started as a family-owned patio furniture company and was established in 1979 in Orlando, Florida. We made it our company’s goal to provide our customers with the best quality patio furniture ever! Over the years, we have created excellent relationships with our raw aluminum and PVC plastic suppliers.  They produce high grade materials that allow us to create long-lasting, beautiful, and modern pieces that will bring your outdoor living space to the next level. In the past 37 years, we opened 16 more stores all over the nation to better serve our customers’ needs. We offer the most affordable priced, high quality furniture and accessories to provide our clients with the best service in the patio furniture industry. We supply and manufacture outdoor furniture to buyers and furniture stores all over the United States.

With our wide variety of collections, you will surely enjoy entertaining outdoors, where your guests can relax and enjoy the outdoor feel. Here are some ideas of what Palm Casual Collections has to offer for your basic outdoor patio needs:

Outdoor Bar

For simple celebrations or just a change in traditional lunches or dinners indoors, you might want to get your own outdoor bar. Check out our selection of outdoor tables and chairs to complete the look that you have always wanted to spice up your outdoor living space. Take a look at our beautiful aluminum furniture collection. We offer the finest and most sophisticated furniture pieces that will fit right into your outdoor living space. We also have bar chairs and chaise lounges made of wicker materials. Click on the Products button to view more. You and your guests are bound to have nothing but an enjoyable and comfortable time with our outdoor furniture and accessories. Be sure to stop into our Orlando store to see what furniture collections we offer.


Dining outdoors is the best way to celebrate an extravagant event or even an intimate get-together. If you generally invite close friends and other relatives to your home, you might want to opt for a grand outdoor table, one that’s large enough to seat the adults you typically invite to your home. You might want to check out our furniture made out of Aluminum- this stylish and sleek aluminum furniture design is the missing piece to your picture-perfect scenery! Just click on the product button to see more. If you tend to host large events, you might opt for a outdoor seating area that encourages guests to mingle and even move from piece to piece. You can choose elegant tables in many shapes and sizes for this space and outfit it with our stylish yet durable Sunbrella fabrics.

Accessorize Your Patio

If you love hosting get-togethers that involve swimming or simply basking under the sun, you might want to check out on our high-quality umbrellas! They not only provide the shade that you would need, but they also complement your outdoor living space. We have a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. We also have Sunbrella cushions that come in equally interesting colors and designs. Go outside of your comfort zone and try out unconventional colors or designs.

Order your patio furniture today! You have nothing to lose because we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Don’t get left out. Fill-out the ‘Contact Us’ form so we can send you more details about our exciting promotions, latest patio furniture collections as well as outdoor accessories. You can also drop by our store located at 3100 John Young Parkway Orlando, FL. We look forward to providing your home a little piece of paradise with our patio furniture.