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Bring to life your visions of fancy outdoor parties or just hanging with loved ones and close friends by turning your outdoor space into an inviting getaway with elegant patio furniture. With some careful investing, homeowners can design a patio and set it up with furnishings and accessories that complement their very own theme with elegance and purpose. From tropical colored wood to stylish formed aluminum, patio furniture is available in a great number of designs. You could also opt for wicker or recycled plastic to suit your decorative vision. At Palm Casual West Orlando, you can create an outdoor extension of your living space with a variety of options that range from dining sets, sofas, seating areas, and many more options for your outdoor dining needs!


Palm Casual is a family owned and operated patio furniture business that has manufactured and sold to the local public since 1979 in the Orlando, Florida area. Over the past 37 years, we have grown to 16 additional family owned stores to better serve our customers needs. We make sure to provide factory prices, high quality, and the best service in the industry. As we continue to grow our business with the help of the local public, we remain firm in our promise to serve our customer like no other patio furniture store. As a local family business, we have manufactured and supplied outdoor furniture not only to direct buyers, but also to hundreds of furniture stores throughout the nation.

Here at Palm Casual West Orlando, we offer a wide variety of patio furniture to the Clermont, Ocala, Villages, and Orlando areas. With multiple options for your ideal theme or décor, we feel we have the ability to serve all of our local customers needs. Manufacturing thousands of cushions each day in a variety of patterns and colors, we look forward to the opportunity to help you decorate your outdoor space. With an ideal climate for outdoor entertaining, our West Orlando store is here to assist you in enhancing your patio and outdoor experiences. Here are some ideas of what our company has to offer for your basic outdoor patio needs.

Outdoor Bar

Just think, owning your very own outdoor bar – what’s not to like? It is ideal for homes that host parties or just enjoy their time in outdoor spaces. From small yet stylish, to large and fancy, there are many outdoor bar furniture options to choose from. You can choose a collection that complements your outdoor kitchen, but also provides a focal point for your outdoor entertainment. Click on our products button to check out our Wicker Furniture – We offer quality weaved furniture for you and your family’s outdoor pleasure. When it comes to bar accessories, we offer bar chairs and options for each set of outdoor wicker furniture. You can also opt for elegant umbrellas and hundreds of Sunbrella fabrics that match your decorative style.


Dining outdoors is the best way to celebrate an extravagant event or even an intimate get-together. If you generally invite close friends and other relatives to your home, you might want to opt for a grand outdoor table, one that’s large enough to seat the adults you typically invite to your home. You might want to check out our furniture made out of Aluminum- this stylish and sleek aluminum furniture design is the missing piece to your picture-perfect scenery! Just click on the product button to see more. If you tend to host large events, you might opt for a outdoor seating area that encourages guests to mingle and even move from piece to piece. You can choose elegant tables in many shapes and sizes for this space and outfit it with our stylish yet durable Sunbrella fabrics.

Accessorize Your Patio

In designing and decorating your patio, don’t forget to think about how to shade your guests during daylight events. We might have mentioned earlier that we sell Umbrellas and we recently have added additional SUNBRELLA fabrics to our fabric options that go well with most of our patio furniture collections. For evening entertaining, you’ll need to infuse light onto your patio so your guests will be safe walking about. Palm Casual’s fire tables are a great option to add light and increase the elegance of your outdoor living space. Here are other tips on how you can accessorize your outdoor space. It will be really gorgeous to add outdoor lighting fixtures that are both durable and functional to match your furniture. Why not also consider adding an elegant focal point to your setting like a fountain or outdoor fireplace.

The company philosophy from the beginning was to manufacture, sell and service out of each location. To ensure you of the quality and service we offer, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form so we can send you more information about the 30-day trial, exciting factory options, and our latest patio furniture collections with outdoor accessories. You can also drop by our West Orlando store, meet our staff, and enjoy our factory showroom. We look forward to providing your home a little piece of paradise with our patio furniture.