Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space This Fall

Set of wicker outdoor furniture

Summer has come and gone and the first signs of fall are here – that clean and crisp air, those warm and beautiful leaf colours, and even the sweet flavour of pumpkin in every dish. For some though, the end of summer means saying goodbye to those lazy lounging out on their decks or in their porches. But why should you give those relaxing hours up when you can simply prep and maximize your outdoor living space for fall?


Here’s what you need to do so you can make the most of your outdoor space this season:


Bring Your Indoor Style Outdoors

The theme and colours of your interiors should be carried over to your outdoor living space to create a smooth flow. You can accessorize with water-proof items. You can also have pillows or cushions with weather-resistant yet stylish fabrics on your outdoor furnishing.  You can also match the tones of nature this fall by placing rugs and throws in warm browns and oranges.


Light the Space Up

Days are getting shorter and for you to enjoy your outdoor living space and the crisp fall air longer, you need to install some lighting. Determine which parts should be brighter and which require softer light. You can choose from low voltage landscape lighting, some outdoor lamps and lanterns, café lights, candles, and decorative electric lighting for a more inviting ambience.


Mind Your Privacy

Some homeowners are concerned about having an outdoor living space because of the possible lack of privacy. But you can easily provide screen from your neighbours by strategically placing hanging curtains, planter boxes, and decorative pots. Arrange your furniture in such a way that they form an enclosed space for that sense of privacy while enhancing your family bonding moments.


Have a Fresh Start

If you feel like your outdoor space is needing a complete overhaul, then by all means do it this fall. You can replace a worn single-coloured deck with a fresh two-tone one. You can also bring some new and exciting elements and furniture that can withstand the extremities of weather.

By choosing stylish and durable deck or patio furniture from Palm Casual, you can have the outdoor haven of your dreams to welcome fall. Saying goodbye to summer does not mean saying goodbye to fun outdoor living. It’s all about knowing how to make the most of your outdoor space to reap the best results, too.