More Outdoor Ideas for the Colder Months

Family Having Fun Building Snowman In Garden

As the colder months come close, you might be cooking up some great ideas on how to make your days more fun with the family. This is the perfect time for you to spend time in nature right outside your own homes!
Here are some fun ideas for you to try this winter:
Make a winter home for the birds.
This will be a fun activity for the whole family, and not only that, you will also be helping in keeping birds safe during the winter. For more instructions on how to do this: make cozy winter birdhouses.
Build a snow fort.
Making a snow fort only requires a few items such as snow blocks and branches. To make snow blocks, you have to use a box made of hard plastic. It is best to place your snow fort against or close to a fence or a wall so you only have to put up two more walls.
Have your kids involved in this activity and they will surely enjoy the time you spend making the fort together.
Paint in the snow.
Why not turn your snow-filled ground into a colorful canvas? To be able to pull this idea off, all you need are some old spray or squeeze bottles. Fill those bottles with water and mix in different colors of earth paint or food coloring.
Instruct your kids to layer up and head out to your outdoor living space for some serious fun in the snow! Children and children at hearts will definitely enjoy this activity.
Host a S’mores Party by the fire pit.
If you’ve seen Christmas movies, you will also see a lot of scenes that feature family and friends being snuggly around a fireplace. You don’t need to have a fireplace, but you can definitely have a durable fire pit! Here at Palm Casual, we have a collection of fire pit furniture you can choose from.
A campfire wouldn’t be complete without some s’mores, so you can also set up a hot coca and s’mores bar for everyone to enjoy!
Go sledding.
Even if there’s not a hill in sight, you can still go sledding. Children, most especially, will enjoy pulling one another on the sleds. Adults can join in the fun, too!
Be creative.
Let your children maximize your outdoor living space while using their creativity at the same time. Prepare colored lights, bells, paper snowflakes, and other ornaments made of plastic. Have your kids decorate bare trees in your outdoor living space. The lights are better if they will be hung by the adults.
By night time, you can enjoy the view of what you just created. You will need sturdy outdoor furniture for such an activity. Be sure to visit our website for different patio furniture collections.

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