New Year’s Resolutions for Your Outdoor Living Space

Drawing Loading New Year 2017 on Chalkboard

2017 is just around the corner – can you feel it? A new year always brings new aspirations as well as resolutions. More importantly, most of us cannot wait for summer to arrive just so we can make the most out of outdoor spaces again and entertain our family and friends. Most of us are again wondering how we can improve our patio area in the coming months.


Here are some of our suggestions:


Add a water feature.

Everyone enjoys the sound of gentle running water outside. There’s something about the trickle of the fountain, or a mountain stream effect or running water on stones. It creates a peaceful environment – either when you’re alone or when you have some company.


You can create a pond with water running into it or you can also add fish like koi to the mix. It will certainly create a captivating outdoor feature that your friends and family will enjoy.


Your existing outdoor furniture should be at its best condition.

There is no point in improving your outdoor living space if the outdoor furniture if the outdoor furniture upon which your guests will sit is not up to the same standard. Regardless of what your outdoor furniture is made of, you still want to take a look if it is in need of some maintenance.


Making sure that your patio furniture is in tip top shape will definitely draw you and others to your outdoor space for hours and hours of enjoyment.


Consider purchasing new furniture to suit your entertaining style.

Gauge if your current patio furniture meets your entertainment needs. For instance, if there will be more children amongst your family and friends this coming year, then you should consider getting fun outdoor furniture that will suit the children. Children usually do not like sitting upright in chairs so consider getting a stylish bench to the edge of your outdoor space.


If you have more intimate conversations, make sure that your current table allows these conversations to take place with ease. If you host dinner parties with a large crowd, then make sure your dining table will be able to accommodate all of them.


Make the most out of the garden entertainment space you have.

Take a fresh look at your entertaining space and consider the items you would need in the coming months such as additional furniture, planters, and a grill – or you might even find that you need to remove some of those items.


You should also consider investing in more lighting options for hot summer nights that turn into dark ones. By adding more light, you don’t just prolong those beautiful evenings; you can also transform the mood.


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