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Palm Casual News and Updates

Getting the Patio Ready for Summer

Posted March 25, 2019
Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll arrange your patio. Today, we’ve got a five-step plan to get your patio party-ready in no time. Let’s dive in: Step One: Step Up Your ...Read More

Different Types of Patio Furniture Fabrics

Posted March 15, 2019
From chaise lounges to picnic tables, patio furniture comes in a wide selection of shapes and materials. What’s the difference between them, though, and which one is best for you? Let’s break down the base materials, first: Aluminum Aluminum is ...Read More

How to Find the Right Fire Pit

Posted March 1, 2019
After a long season of cool temperatures, you can’t wait to kick off the summer season with a few backyard gatherings. Before you can do that, though, follow the simple tips in this article to find the ideal fire pit ...Read More

How to Find the Right Patio Furniture

Posted February 15, 2019
If you’ve got an outdoor space, you need outdoor furniture. Whether your space is a simple patio, an expansive lawn, or a brand-new deck, patio furniture allows you to take advantage of your space and expand your living area. The ...Read More

What Is “High-End” Patio Furniture?

Posted February 15, 2019
Patio furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. From simple plastic chairs and tables to high-end wicker, cast, and aluminum furniture - each unique piece is designed to make the most of your outdoor space. If you’ve ever wondered about ...Read More

Should You Get a Fountain for Your Patio?

Posted February 15, 2019
An outdoor fountain is a beautiful, relaxing feature that can turn a dull outdoor space into an oasis. But is it right for you? If you’ve ever considered getting a fountain for your outdoor area, now is a great time ...Read More

Here Are the 4 Best Ways to Arrange Your Patio

Posted January 31, 2019
Are you looking for the best way to arrange your outdoor patio furniture? A larger patio can feel difficult to dress up. That said, if there is ample space, it can be a great place for an outdoor dining area, ...Read More

5 Different Ways to Get Shade on Your Patio

Posted January 15, 2019
Spending lots of time outdoors is not only relaxing and fun, but it's also healthy. This is why more and more people have transitioned toward an outdoor lifestyle in recent years. Because of this, patio space, and patio furniture has become ...Read More

Furniture: Making the Most out of Your Patio Space

Posted January 11, 2019
By choosing the best patio furniture, you encourage a transition to a healthier outdoor lifestyle, and you also create a functional, comfortable, and inviting space that everybody can enjoy. Here is a handy guide to help you buy the best ...Read More

Decorating the Patio for the Holidays

Posted January 1, 2019
The holidays are almost here, and that means it’s time to express yourself through decoration! There are so many different ways to decorate the inside and outside of your home, and your personal style and tastes will dictate how many ...Read More