Outdoor Benches: What’s the Best Material for the Job?

wooden bench

Outdoor benches are a great addition to any garden or patio area. They provide a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

However, choosing the right material for your outdoor bench is crucial. The material you choose will determine the durability and maintenance required of your bench. 

This article discusses the different materials that can be used for outdoor benches and which one is the best for the job.

Wooden Benches

Wooden benches are a popular choice for outdoor seating. They are classic, durable, and provide a natural look that blends well with the environment. 

However, not all types of wood are suitable for outdoor use. Some woods are prone to rotting and insect damage, especially when exposed to moisture and humidity.

The best types of wood for outdoor benches are teak, cedar, and redwood. These woods are naturally resistant to rot, insects, and weather damage. They also have a beautiful natural appearance that gets better with age. 

However, wooden benches require regular maintenance to keep their appearance and durability. They need to be treated with a protective sealant or oil to prevent weather damage and discoloration.

Metal Benches

Metal benches are another popular option for outdoor seating. They are strong, durable, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Metal benches come in various finishes, including powder-coated steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. Each finish has its advantages and disadvantages.

Powder-coated steel benches are the most common type of metal benches. They are affordable, durable, and can come in various colors. However, they can be prone to rusting if the powder coating is damaged.

Aluminum benches are lightweight, rust-resistant, and require minimal maintenance. They are perfect for humid or coastal areas where rust is a concern. However, they can be more expensive than other metal benches.

Wrought iron benches are classic and elegant. They are strong and durable and can last for years with proper maintenance. However, they are heavy and can be more expensive than other metal benches.

Plastic Benches

Plastic benches are a low-maintenance and affordable option for outdoor seating. They are lightweight, durable, and can come in various colors and styles. 

Plastic benches are resistant to weather damage, fading, and rusting. They are also easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

However, plastic benches have some disadvantages. They are not as strong as metal or wooden benches and can become brittle over time. 

They also have a synthetic appearance that may not blend well with natural surroundings.

Concrete Benches

Concrete benches are a popular choice for public spaces due to their durability and low maintenance requirements. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use, making them perfect for areas with high traffic. 

Concrete benches can also come in various styles and finishes, such as polished, stamped, or stained, to fit any design aesthetic. They can also be customized with patterns or engravings to add a unique touch to the space.

Despite the advantages of concrete benches, they also have some disadvantages. One of the major drawbacks of concrete benches is their weight, which makes them difficult to move. 

This can make them unsuitable for smaller gardens or patios where flexibility is needed. Concrete can also be cold and uncomfortable to sit on during cooler months, which can be a significant concern in areas with colder climates.

To address these drawbacks, some concrete benches can be designed with cushions or other materials that provide additional comfort. They can be combined with other materials, such as wood or metal, to add a more natural or decorative look to the space. 

Despite the drawbacks, concrete benches remain a popular choice for many public spaces and can provide years of durable and low-maintenance seating.


Choosing the right material for your outdoor bench depends on various factors, including the environment, maintenance required, and personal preference. Consider these factors when choosing the best material for your outdoor bench. 

With the right choice, your outdoor bench can provide years of comfort and beauty to your garden or patio area.

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