Outdoor Design Trends For 2016

Out with the old and in with the new! With Christmas around the corner, it may not be the best time to start planning your patio renovations, but it's never too soon to start dreaming! From natural aspects to things you can grow, these are our favorite trends to boost your outdoor space in 2016:

The Natural Look Is In

Though it never really went out of style, natural materials like rattan and wicker are big in 2016 design, especially when combined with clean lines and contemporary shapes. The trend of mixing materials – resin and wood, stone and copper, etc – has grown significantly, as homeowners move away from styles that are too matchy-matchy.

Rounded Over Flat Roofs

Flat-roofed patio design has been on the decline in the last few years, with gabled patios the more popular option in new patio design. The gabled design features more overhead space to ensure the outdoor-area remains airy, and can help make a small space feel larger.

Offering soft curves and complete protection, dome patio designs are also booming in popularity. A more unique design style than gabled, dome patio roofs tend to trap more heat, which can be useful in cooler climes.

The Indoor/Outdoor Connection

Continuing into 2016, incorporating the indoor-outdoor living spaces is a major trend among homeowners who want to maximize the enjoyment of their entire home. Dining areas that open onto the patio, or a fireplace or fire pit to warm up the space for those colder months and features like built-in speakers and audio/visual equipment convert the patio into a functional living space that everyone can enjoy.

As mentioned above, designs that incorporate natural aspects are big this year, and mixing materials is a great way to integrate any indoor/outdoor living space.

Warming Features

Following on from the above trend, it's natural to note that that fire pits and fireplaces have become an important feature in patio design for 2016. Though they've always been a popular addition, availability of a style that suits your personal taste has greatly improved, with today's models ranging from traditional to decorative, sleek and contemporary. Not only do they provide that coveted warmth for cooler evenings, but they add ambiance to your outdoor space, and create a comfortable place to gather with friends and family.

Upgraded BBQs

As more and more homeowners discover a love and joy in experimenting with new ways to cook, the need for more advanced equipment rises – expect to see BBQs and grills that maximize space but can handle more than your average steaks, hot dogs and burgers. Think pizza, fruit, even a full turkey! Ceramic grills, water smokers and built-in grills are gaining in popularity.

Get Planting

Thankfully, urban farming continues to be a huge trend in patio design and decor, as growing native plants and food/vegetable gardens was among the most popular projects in 2015. If you aren't interested in planting a full backyard garden, we've shared our favourite tips on cultivating a container garden here, perfect for any sized patio space!