Outdoor Furniture: Which Color Should You Go For?

Outdoor Furniture: Which Color Should You Go For?

When it comes to choosing colors, whether it is with clothes, shoes, or even furniture, this task is challenging. We all have our favorite colors, sure, and it might be easy for small things and accessories, but talking about the big stuff, you should be more careful. There are things that dominate the room such as walls and furniture.



When choosing outdoor furniture, you always have to consider your backdrop. Remember, outdoor spaces do not happen in a void. You should look beyond and then you will see the backdrop. It can be anything from an arbor to a lush garden, from a swimming pool to the cityscape. It can even be a large retaining wall made of bricks or stones. Whatever your backdrop may be, it is still an element you should consider when it comes to choosing the color of your patio furniture.



Another thing you need to consider is your garden. Step back and take a good look at the color palette of your garden. Is it vivid with lots of colors? Are there flowers and foliage with many colors? Your garden can even have only one or two colors that dominate.



You also have to consider other objects that will share the space with your outdoor furniture. There could be some containers that come in various colors, shapes and sizes. It can be water features or artwork pieces from which you would not want to draw attention away. You should also ask yourself where you want the focus to fall in your outdoor living space. Will it be on your outdoor furniture or the objects that will share the space?


Your space can be dominated by a brightly colored fence or shed. In this case, dark-colored furniture would make a great choice since it is not busy visually and it would not draw attention away from your focal point.



When creating a new space (or even just upgrading), one of the most important factors you have to consider is the ‘feel of the space’. You should be able to determine how you want your space to feel when you step into it. Do you want to feel excited, jazzed up and ready to go? You might even want to have a certain space wherein you would want to serve as an entertainment space to get your party on. There are plenty of colors that can help you with this one!


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