Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

fire pit furniture

Winter is now closer than ever – good thing here at Palm Casual, our outdoor furniture and patio umbrellas are designed to withstand all kinds of elements! If you are looking for outdoor furniture that can be great additions to your existing pieces, then you’ve come to the right place.


Here is some outdoor furniture we have that is great for the winter:


Cast Aluminum

cast aluminum patio furniture

Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is designed to be rust-proof. It is meant to be exposed to different elements of nature – there is no need to store it away for the colder months. Yes, it can survive outdoors for extended periods of time.


Cast aluminum also comes with frames that feature intricate details. Not only is cast aluminum furniture sturdy, it also gives off that sophistication and elegance that will make your outdoor living space look appealing despite the snow.



stackable aluminum chairs

Aluminum is still one of the leading choices when it comes to outdoor furniture. It is not only aesthetically beautiful; it is also durable and portable. Just like cast aluminum furniture, aluminum furniture can last for years. It cannot be affected by the shift in weather, and it is also more lightweight than cast aluminum.


Aluminum furniture comes in different styles and designs – you may choose from a wide array of collections! Choose the best one for your outdoor living space today.



wicker patio furniture

If you are aiming for outdoor furniture that is easy to maintain, then wicker patio furniture is what you are looking for. This type of outdoor furniture is not only easy to maintain, but it is also lightweight – easy for you to move around for rearrangement purposes. Just like the first two types of patio furniture, wicker patio furniture is designed to last for years even without having to store away during the winter.


Aside from being able to withstand the different elements of nature, wicker patio furniture also comes in various designs, but all are stylish. If you are aiming for that tropical-feel all-year round, then wicker patio furniture is the best option for you.


Recycled Plastic

recycled plastic outdoor furniture

You can never go wrong with recycled plastic patio furniture. Not only are you helping in keeping the environment health, but you are also investing in outdoor furniture that can last for years, no matter what the weather.


Other than being an advocate of Mother Nature, recycled plastic outdoor furniture is also affordable and easy to maintain.


Fire Pit

Fire pit furniture

What better way to keep loved ones warm than by sitting around a fire pit, right? Check out our available fire pit furniture today!


For patio furniture collections that will truly add more value and comfort to your home this winter, don’t forget to visit Palm Casual’s website today!