Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Dress Up Your Front Porch

The front porch space is the area you present to the world each day. It’s the part of your home that communicates your décor tastes to your neighbors and those visiting your home. It’s important to consider how the outdoor furniture on your front porch represents you and your family. In this post, we’ll examine several outdoor furniture ideas to enhance any front porch space.

Wicker Furniture Can be used For a Log Cabin Porch Setting

Those seeking a traditional log cabin appeal to their front porch may wish to select wicker furniture, which can be used to blend naturally with the light wood colors in front of the home. A smaller folding table might be placed adjacent to the wicker furniture to present an inviting environment in which local neighbors feel comfortable stopping by for a chat.

White Aluminum Chairs Evoke a Beach-Side Appeal

To bring memories of those warm days by the beach in the summertime, why not consider adding white aluminum or wicker chairs to your front porch space. The white bright appeal of the aluminum can be used to bring sunlight to the entire space and to give the entire environment a beach house look. To complete the porch design, you might consider adding colorful pillows that add vibrancy to an otherwise toned-down aesthetic.

For a Boathouse Deck-Style Porch Consider Setting Out Adirondack Chairs

Comfortable Adirondack chairs and plentiful pillows can provide the relaxing boathouse aesthetic that many Florida homeowners are seeking this summer season. To complete the waterside look for your porch, add a small circular table that can be easily reached from all areas.

Rustic Charm Can Be Achieved with a Bench Swing

Many property owners are now seeking that stylish look of the 1950s in their front porch. The traditional bench swing that once dominated the suburban landscapes could be returning. These swings are the ideal whimsical addition to a classically-styled property and can now be decorated in a range of colors for a contemporary take on an older design style.

Your front porch furniture options are almost limitless. Review the local marketplace and speak to our experts directly about any options that catch your eye!