Outdoor Living Space Privacy: Are You Getting Enough?

Man erecting a wooden fence outdoors using a handheld electric drill to drill a hole to attach an upright plank, close up of his hand and the tool in a DIY concept.

Do you sometimes think about those glorious days when you could just kick back, relax, and enjoy your solitude in your very own yard? Back then you never worried about prying eyes. But your neighbors have chopped down that tree on their lot that used to lend privacy to you, too. That new family across the street has a two-storey home with a deck and a perfect view to your yard. There went your privacy. Now, you feel like you’re inside an aquarium with some kids’ eyes glued to the glass walls.
You cannot fully enjoy your outdoor living space if you are always in fear that someone is watching you. That is why it is important that you find ways to make sure that you secure some privacy for you and your family. Here are some simple things you can do to achieve that:
Property-line Plantings
You can try privacy plantings for a year-round screen. If you only have a side yard, then a columnar evergreens like cypress and arborvitae, as well as a sheared hedge is a simple solution that you can do to separate adjoining outdoor spaces. These are also perfect to block sight lines from neighbors with sight lines from their windows.
Container Gardens
If you have a deck where you can spend time with your family, then you should definitely consider placing some potted plants positioned in such a way that they create a green screen around the seating area. They could be elevated by raising them up on casters. Make sure you can move them easily in case you host a celebration or have some deck repairing to do.
Board Fences or Walls
Of course you probably have considered a solid board fence, especially if you have a newly-built patio or pool, or if your kids use your outdoor living space as their playground. Before choosing a fence, first know if there are any height restrictions set by your community. You would want to consider your home’s architecture when selecting board fences.
Masonry Walls with Intricate Ironwork
You probably feel that a solid stone or stucco wall would be too oppressive. A great solution is to add windows to it by having beautiful ironwork to decorate these openings.
Pergolas and Panelled Enclosures
If your outdoor living space is a small defined area like a patio or an outdoor kitchen, you can build an enclosure around it. This will let you achieve that intimate feeling of being indoors while still getting to enjoy great weather outdoors.
Knowing that your outdoor living space has sufficient privacy will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. Once you achieve this, you can now start getting great outdoor furniture so you and your family can relax. We at Palm Casual are dedicated to creating exceptional outdoor furniture perfect for those fun and relaxing moments.

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