Outdoor Space Design Trends for 2017

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If you want to fully utilize your outdoor living space, it is important to keep up with the trends as years go by. For next year, there will be a shift towards sustainable landscapes that reflect a sense of protection for the Earth as well as its ecosystems.


Take a look at some trends for your outdoor living space next year:


Fully Customized Outdoor Living Spaces

More and more homeowners are entertaining family and friends outdoors. More time are spent outside so landscapes have certainly become extensions of interior spaces – furniture and appliances included. Beyond the basic patios and decks, more landscapes will be transformed next year into full-service kitchens, comfortable dining and living rooms as well as romantic bedrooms.


Themed spaces are also starting to be a thing such as yoga gardens and bocce fields, among others. You may choose to add fireplaces and fire pits, brick ovens and grills, etc.


Eco-friendly and Native Gardens

Naturescaping is a method that landscapers continue to employ in next year. There are busy homeowners that aim to have beautiful landscapes that are easy to maintain and naturescaping allows for this to happen by the use of low-maintenance perennial native plants. Installation of solar-powered lighting and energy-efficient LED lights is also one way to keep landscapes ‘green’ next year.


Edible Landscapes

You might have seen this in other people’s gardens or you probably have some of your own: container gardens. They do not necessarily require extensive care and they grow in popularity. Edible landscapes consist of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that add texture and color to landscapes while providing a fresh supply of ingredients altogether. Edible landscapes are not limited to individual gardens. Some landscape developers plant them in neighborhoods and community residences.


Water Features

Rain barrels, stone retaining walls and rain gardens add dimension to lush landscapes and at the same time, serving an important purpose of cleaning, collecting or stopping water. There are other non-plant features such as pottery or sculptures that are becoming focal points in landscapes.


Mix-and-Match Outdoor Furniture

2017 is the year to try out bold colors and designs. It will be fun to try out different styles and colors of outdoor furniture – do not be afraid of trying different items out.


It is also the time to buy new outdoor dining tables, fire pits, sofas and stackable chairs that might be used by your family and friends for the many occasions to take place next year.


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