Outdoor Spaces: Living Room

Outdoor Spaces: Living Room

When the topic goes to patio furniture, most of the time people instantly think of outdoor dining settings. But you shouldn’t be so quick to decide that you only want to use your patio or deck for having lunch or dinner with your family. There are a lot of options for you to consider. For instance, having an outdoor living room is an excellent idea!

Outdoor Living Room 101

Creating an outdoor living room requires you to furnish your patio, deck, or poolside, the same way you would a living room inside your house. That means you’ll have lounges and chairs, tables for your drinks, lighting, and some accessories to complete the look. Before you look for decorative items, however, you should first have furniture. The kind of furniture you’ll get should depend largely on how you’ll be using the space.

Seating Essentials

If you are going to use your outdoor living room mainly for entertaining, then you should have enough seating to accommodate your guests. Modular wicker lounges can seat a crowd and they also let you fit your furniture to the space’s configuration. Smaller sofas would work perfectly in balconies. You can also add cushions and ottomans for additional seating. If you are thinking of using the space as a private den where you can relax during your downtime, then an outdoor daybed is a great idea.

All About Accessories

The right accessories can instantly liven up any space. You can add colorful cushions, vases, flower pots, and throws to give your outdoor space a truly defined look.

Lighting is another important element that you have to carefully think about. Unless your al fresco room is well-lit as it is, you should definitely consider getting some weather-proof lamps to provide sufficient lighting in the area. Of course, you can also add candles.

Also consider cooling if it gets a little too warm in your area during summer. A ceiling fan might be a good idea.

When furnishing your outdoor living room, just think of it as furnishing your indoor living space and what you need from it. Always prioritize comfort, durability, and aesthetics when you consider furniture pieces. We have a great selection at Palm Casual for you! Visit us today!