Outdoor Trends: Fun Snacks for Spring

Two adorable cute caucasian boys, lying in the park in a fine sunny afternoon, reading a book and eating strawberries, educating themselves and having fun

Spring is the perfect time to be outdoors – hanging out, hosting outdoor parties, having a picnic, and just plain having fun. If you are tired of having to serve the same spring treats year after year, then you are in luck!


Here are some tasty treats for you and your whole family to try this spring:


Cheese and Crackers

Nothing can be faster to prepare than cheese and crackers! It’s as easy as opening a box, cutting cheese in slices, and setting it all out to eat. To make things a whole lot easier, you can prepare your cheese platter the night before – don’t forget to keep it refrigerated!


Great cheeses for outdoor snacking are semisoft to hard cheeses such as Swiss, mozzarella, Gouda, Muenster or cheddar. They come in blocks that are easy to serve and cut. Go for an array of crackers, from saltines to water crackers.


DIY Sandwiches

Another easy snack to make for outdoors is sandwiches. To make it more interesting, have your family and friends make their own sandwiches – just like a salad bar! You can be as gourmet as you want with a deli platter: ham, turkey, or whatever cold cuts you feel like serving. Have lettuce, cheese, tomato, pickles, and other condiments so your guests can tailor their sandwiches to their liking.


If you have vegetarian guests, you can serve fresh tomato and mozzarella sandwiches. You can also include peanut butter and jelly – an all-time favorite.


Trail Mix

Now, this is a fun snack that comes with infinite mixing possibilities. Trail mix is not just for hiking anymore! Any nut-fruit-sweet combo provides natural sugars and fats that keep anyone going, making it the perfect snack when you are outdoors.


A basic trail mix recipe usually contains raisins, peanuts, and M&Ms. You can make your mix more interesting by adding any dried fruit such as papaya, cherries, mango or cranberries; add pretzels, nuts, or sunflower seeds; spice it up with crystallized ginger, shredded coconut, wasabi peas or white chocolate pieces. You can get as exotic as you want – the fun part is experimenting with an array of flavors!



You cannot forget to serve refreshing drinks as outdoor activities can surely work up quite a thirst! Smoothies are a great, nutritious alternative to fruit juices or sodas. They do not just quench your thirst, but they also provide lots of nutrients. In addition to their health benefits, making smoothies is also easy!


A basic smoothie recipe calls for serving fruits such as bananas, peaches or strawberries. For your liquid base, you can use anything from water and milk to juice and yogurt – all works well. Save time by freezing pre-measured servings of fruit the night before so you can just throw them into the blender the next day.


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