Palm Casual: Who We Are

cast aluminum patio furniture

When looking for the best providers in any industry, it is best to know who they are first. In the world of outdoor furniture, Palm Casual has been a name that many customers recognize and love. Why?
Here are some facts you should know about Palm Casual:
It is a family-owned business.
Palm Casual first started out as small family business in 1979. They manufactured outdoor furniture and sold it directly to the public. Their first building had a total size of 2000 sq. ft. which was divided into two parts: showroom and manufacturing. Over the past 35 years, Palm Casual gradually expanded from that first building to ten additional factory showrooms which spread out throughout Florida.
They cater to different locations.
Palm Casual gives great value to their customers. All their products are made from high-quality materials for excellent customer satisfaction. Aside from the fact that their products have been tried and tested, they also want no inconvenience for their customers. Therefore, all their locations provide the same quality service, products, and affordable prices, too! To know more about the locations you can find Palm Casual in, click here.
They provide a 30-day trial period.
You read that right. Businesses usually give their customers something to hold on to just in case their services or products do not meet the customers’ expectations. Some business provide a 7-day warranty, others allow their customers to exchange their purchases for something else that would better suit their preferences. Palm Casual provides a 30-day trial period to let the customers experience the comfort and durability that their products offer. It is also way to show their customers that they are confident enough with regards to the quality of their outdoor furniture.
They have various collections available.
Palm Casual provides different outdoor furniture: wicker, aluminum, cast aluminum, recycled plastic, and pipe furniture. They also have PVC and Sunbrella fabrics available as well as umbrellas. All of their products come in different colors, styles and designs. Palm Casual takes pride in knowing that all their products are made from only high-quality materials.
They are a factory.
If you get to see their products, you might wonder why their prices are affordable. Too good to be true? They offer affordable prices because they are not just an outdoor furniture store that gets their supplies from a manufacturer. Palm Casual makes their own products – they are a factory! That’s one of the things that set them apart from other outdoor furniture businesses.
Check out Palm Casual today by clicking here. Rest assured that you will not go wrong!

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