Patio 101: Make It Greener

Beautiful modern house in cement, view from the garden.

Are you spending a lot of time out on the patio? That’s great news! If you want to be an advocate of nature even when you are out on your outdoor living space, let us tell you that YOU CAN DO IT! There are many ways you can make your patio life as green as you want it to be. Here are some great tips:
#01. Invest in recycled plastic patio furniture.
If you desire to add a new sense of style to your outdoor living space then make sure to consider your outdoor furniture options. As attractive as some outdoor furniture pieces are, you have to consider how they are being produced. Here at Palm Casual, we provide high-quality recycled plastic outdoor furniture that will definitely give your patio a fun, artsy look!
#02. Make some organic container gardens.
Your porch is a great place for organic container gardening and your plants will get plenty of sun. What’s the best part of having container gardening at home? The plants do not typically require pest control because they are off the ground and they are also close to the home. This also means you won’t be using harsh, inorganic pest deterrents.
#03. Make your own bird feeder.
If you want something natural as a form of entertainment while you relax outdoors, then you should consider making your own bird feeder! There are many designs you can choose from such as a bird feeder made from old china or an old juice bottle – there are lots more online! There are also complete video tutorials you can watch for easier instructions.
#04. Make your own wind chimes.
If you are not into making your own bird feeders, then you might want to make your own wind chimes. There are some slideshows online that provide detailed instructions and works of art that you may use as your inspiration. You can use different used materials from old pencils to old flower pots.
#05. Apply green ways to clean.
If you are talking about cleaning your patio, make sure to be green about it. For example, it is best not to use any high-pressure washer or simply to not hose off anything – think water conservation. You can, instead, use a broom so you can scoop up grass clippings or leaves and just add those to the garden. When cleaning outdoor furniture, mind the elbow grease.
BONUS:  Place awnings over windows.
When designing your deck, remember the awnings. You should place awnings over your patio windows and doors to reduce the amount of heat coming through the window. Awnings today are built to last and they are more sustainable than ever. You should also keep ventilation in mind as this will keep hot air from being trapped by the window.
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