Patio 101: Modular Seating

When furnishing your outdoor living space, the choices can be a little overwhelming. Should you go for cast aluminum or wicker? How much seating do you really need? These decisions do not have to take the fun out of your patio! This is why you should consider having modular seating – a great new trend that offers both beauty and customization in just one piece of furniture!


Why You Should Go Modular

Modular seating is a great style of furniture composed of multiple units. This type of furniture is flexible to fit anyone’s taste. When you get outdoor furniture that has individual seating, it can really limit your design options. You also get to have limited amount of seating options available on your patio. However, if you have modular seating, it lets you have extra space that you can customize depending on your design preferences. For instance, you can create an L-shaped sofa, a few small loveseats, or even a crescent bench – whatever your needs are!


Another great thing about modular seating is that it also comes in different materials and finishes that are great because they can fit any design such as aluminum, wicker, or even cast aluminum.


Excellent Modular Furniture

When you do search for the perfect modular seating for your outdoor living space, you are sure to come across numerous furniture lines that might vary in quality. One great way you can ensure that you will get the best of the best in modular outdoor furniture is to come and visit one of Palm Casual’s factory. No matter what your budget is, you can be sure to find the highest quality furniture lines in our showrooms.

Spice Things Up!

Just placing your outdoor furniture will only get you halfway to a beautiful patio. You still need to spruce up your outdoor living area with color and décor! For instance, most modular furniture collections are available in multiple colors, so you will have no problems customizing your setup depending on your preferences. However, most outdoor furniture can still use a little additional color.


What you can do is pair your new seating with bold cushions in bright colors and unique patterns. Alternatively, you can use a contrasting-colored ottoman that can help brighten up your outdoor area. Fire tables, rugs, plants, and decorative pieces can also complement your new outdoor furniture, and they also make your outdoor area more visually appealing.


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