Patio Furniture: Which Style Best Suits Your Space

Outdoor Furniture: Which Style Best Suits Your Space

When shopping for outdoor furniture, keep in mind that not all patio furniture is made alike. Outdoor furniture comes in a wide range of materials such as wicker, cast aluminum, aluminum, recycled plastic, and PVC to name a few. It is important to choose patio furniture that is green and eco-friendly, as much as possible.


Wicker Outdoor Furniture

wicker outdoor furniture

If you are into outdoor furniture that is both classy yet simple in design, then you will definitely love wicker outdoor furniture. Wicker gives you that sense of a tropical vibe. Not only is it great in terms of design, it also offers utmost comfort and durability that will give you your money’s worth!


Here at Palm Casual, we provide a wide variety of wicker patio furniture that will surely fit any outdoor living space and theme!


Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

cast aluminum outdoor furniture

When you are after outdoor furniture that will last for years, then cast aluminum patio furniture is the best option for you. Made from high-quality materials, cast aluminum gives off a sense of sophistication because of its intricate design. You and your guests will automatically have hours and hours of fun and relaxation with this type of patio furniture.


We have many cast aluminum pieces for you to choose from – dining tables, lounge chairs, coffee tables and more! Check out our available collections today.


Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

aluminum outdoor furniture


This type of outdoor furniture, just like cast aluminum, will definitely last for many years – no matter what the weather is. Aluminum is known for not rusting and not only that, but it is also very easy to maintain. This is perfect for homeowners who have a hectic schedule as it does not require a lot of cleaning. It is also lightweight but not light enough for strong winds to blow around.


Check out our available aluminum collections today for that perfect set that will complete your outdoor living space!


Pipe Outdoor Furniture

pipe outdoor furniture

If you are after unconventional outdoor furniture, then you might want to consider investing in pipe outdoor furniture for a change. This type of outdoor furniture is assembled in such a way that the pieces fit perfectly together, providing that much-needed durability and structure. This is ideal for poolside furniture that you and your guests will definitely fall in love with!


Take a look at our PVC outdoor furniture today to find that perfect piece you have been looking for!


Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

recycled plastic outdoor furniture

Are you an advocate of nature? If you are, and if ‘going green’ is what you are aiming for, then you might want to give recycled plastic patio furniture a try! In the past, recycled plastic furniture and other things are regarded as ‘cheap’ and ‘weak’, but thanks to advanced technology, that is not the case nowadays.


Find out for yourself by checking out our available pieces today!