Patio Resolutions for 2016

Hopefully it’s been a great year for you and your patio and as the calendar resets it’s important to think back to the good times had and look forward to the better times on the horizon.  If we make resolutions to better ourselves – we can certainly make resolutions to better our outdoor spaces as well.  Here are some resolutions you should consider making this year.


It always seems a little too crowded on your patio when you have guests.  If you’ve got the room to move outward into your yard make it happen this year and give yourself an expansive new place to put all the accoutrements you’ve always wanted.  And if you need new furniture to fill the space, you know where to find us.

Go Greener

By ‘going green’ we mean it in a couple of ways.  On the one hand you can add some additional foliage and greenery to ramp up the natural feeling of your patio.  Additionally you can lower your power usage by replacing some lights with solar versions to do a little something extra for the environment beyond your property.

Get Comfortable

Your outdoor furniture works but it can be a little stiff and you spend so much time out there now that you need something a little easier on your hindquarters.  Put in some thicker softer cushions and add some pillows for a luxurious feel – and while you’re at it you can put up that hammock too.

Refinish or Replace

Your furniture might be getting a little weathered for its own good.  Spruce it up with a little elbow grease and some new paint.  Alternatively you could completely switch up your design by putting in gorgeous all new patio furniture.

The year ahead has a lot of promise and with the right resolutions it will be a great one for you, and your patio.  If you need new furniture to make your resolutions a reality contact us at Palm Casual SWFL today.