Patio Umbrellas and Why You Should Own Them

Patio Umbrellas and Why You Should Own Them

Have you always dreamed of spending nice afternoons or warm evenings outdoors? Some people are held back by the fact that they do not have sufficient outdoor roofs or awnings to provide them with shade. However, that simple concern should not stop you from enjoying your outdoor space. Here’s a nice solution for you: a patio umbrella.


Why should you get one?

First of all, it’s the simplest answer to your problem as it can provide you with the shade you need, precisely where you need it and only when you need it. That means that if you feel like the sun is too strong one day, you can easily pop one open, or if you just want to look up on a starry evening, there would be no roofing to block your sight.


Secondly, a beautiful patio umbrella can be the flair your outdoor space needs. With the array of colors available, you can find the right shade that would breathe life to your patio. Sometimes homeowners spend days trying to think of how they can add a fun splash of color to their space without realizing that patio umbrellas are the obvious answer.


Now that you know why patio umbrellas are great for you, you should also be aware of the different types of patio umbrellas available before you rush and purchase the first one you see.


Market Umbrellas

These are larger residential (or commercial) umbrellas which are the kind you see on café patios. They have vented tops and are octagonal in shape.



Meant for providing shade to just one person, this is that cute round disc on a pole that you see in groups at the pool sides of most high-end hotels. This type is perfect near a chaise lounge.



Do you want an Asian theme for your outdoor space? Then this is the patio umbrella type that is suitable for you. This parasol-type umbrella has a more sophisticated architectural appeal.



This umbrella is not inserted into patio tables. Instead, the base and pole are set a little far from the area that needs the shade. So this is the best choice if you have patio tables without holes, lounge chairs by the pool, or even a deep-seating set. One obvious advantage is that it won’t get in your way! It can also be easily adjusted as the sun moves.


Commercial-Grade Umbrellas

These are those heavy duty types that most restaurants and outdoor venues prefer. They are so sturdy they can withstand harsh weather elements.


Palm Casual, your trusted patio furniture maker also carries an array of beautiful patio umbrellas that are perfect for every type of outdoor space. Get in touch with us and let us help you find the perfect one for you!