Perfect Outdoor Fabrics for Poolside Patio Furniture

If you’re purchasing poolside patio furniture, you may be wondering what the perfect poolside fabric is. You have a couple of options for the fabric that covers the cushions of your patio furniture.

Sunbrella is produced by Du Pont and is an acrylic fiber. It will resist the fading and deterioration that is caused by the sun. This fabric has an added fluorocarbon water repellant that will keep water from saturating the cushions.

PVC Fabric is simply a plastic coated Polyester yarn. This fabric is often used for umbrellas and fabric on cushions. This fabric is sometimes used on marine cushions.

Since both options offer durability and resistance to the impact of sun and water, the choice comes down to the colour and the style of fabric you prefer. You really can’t go wrong with either choice, but as with all patio furniture, the fabric will last longer and remain brighter if you store cushions in a sheltered location during the winter and when you aren’t using it for long periods.

Colour Does Matter

While you should pick a style that matches your personal taste, you will also want to keep a couple of things in mind when choosing poolside fabrics;

  • Does the fabric match other accessories you have for your pool? For example, do you have lounge chairs? Make sure the fabric doesn’t clash with those. What colour is your pool liner? How does the fabric you’ve chosen blend?
  • Choose lighter colours over extremely dark colours. Dark colours tend to soak up the rays of the sun and heat up faster than lighter colours. On very hot summer days, that might make sitting on your poolside furniture painful.
  • But, don’t go too light. White fabric might sound like a good idea, but the first time someone spills a red fruit drink on it, you’ll wonder why you went with that particular shade. Try to choose something that is a medium color rather than extremely light or extremely dark.

With a little forethought and some extra care, your patio furniture should last for many years. You’ll want to make sure you pick a design that you truly love.

Still not sure which fabric would work best for your family? The experts at Palm Casual are happy to answer any questions you might have and help you choose the perfect outdoor fabrics for your home.