Planning an Outdoor Holiday Party

Close up of a colorful party banner tied between trees in a park at an open air celebration event.

Here in Florida we may not have the beauty of a snowy landscape, but we do something better:  warm weather!  That means not having to throw on boots and a big heavy coat every time we leave the house and it gives us the additional benefit of being able to have fun outside.  That fun also includes seasonal celebrations like those coming up this month and there is some great way to take all that cheer and bring it to your patio.
Food First
A lot of the fun of holiday get-togethers is all the delicious food to eat.  Put out the usual appetizers and snacks but add a few outdoor twists like iced tea and some frozen treats.  When it comes to the main course you can find a way to cook it outside, so it can become a talking point as well as a meal.  There are plenty of deep fryers that can be used on turkey, though if you have a rotisserie attachment for your grill that can work great for cooking a bird or even a big hunk of prime rib.
Bring the Cheer to the Patio
Breaking out the seasonal decorations for the patio is a must.  While you could certainly haul out the Christmas tree, you may want to accentuate the natural aspect of the outdoors by decorating the plants outside already.  A few ornaments and a little tinsel can add some holiday life to any kind of tree or bush.  String Christmas lights around the yard to give it a glow as the light fades and don’t forget to have a little Christmas music on in the background.
Make it Comfortable
You’re likely going to have a wide variety of guests including some older folks and making everybody comfortable is a top priority.  Make sure you have plenty of seating and enough table space if you want everybody around it.  Cushions and pillows, with seasonal designs, are always a plus, and in case it does get a little chilly in the evening make sure to have some warm blankets or an electric heater around to stave off the cold.
A terrific thing about living someplace warm all year is the ability to enjoy friends, family, the holidays, and nature all at the same time.  So why not take the opportunity and make it happen.  If you need to make some furniture additions for your outdoor holiday party contact us at Palm Casual today.

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