Redesigning Your Own Patio This Fall

Varnishing natural wood with paint brush. Wood texture and paintbrush - housework background

One of the best things about fall is that it give us the perfect excuse to redesign our own patios to fit this festive season. You can easily find a professional designer to do this for you, but where is the fun in that? Part of the reason a porch makeover is great is because you can do it yourself!
If you haven’t decided on a specific look yet, here are some great ideas for you!
Have bright flowers in rustic planters. Mums are a great choice for this as they have a late growing season, making them widely available these days. You can place your rustic planters on either sides of your doors. If you cannot find planters, terracotta pots will also do the trick!
Put up oversized signs using reclaimed wood. Signboards are a popular fall decoration and reclaimed wood, as well as shipping pallets can serve as the perfect base for this. A distressed finish will be most fitting for this season.
Make your door a little more interesting using unconventional décor. How about hanging a burlap sack with some wild flowers? You can also try a basket of apples on your door. You do not have to stick with the usual autumn wreath. Be creative about it!
Feature this season’s harvest. Use cornstalks to adorn posts! Make pumpkin topiaries or use them to show your house number. Just make sure everything still appears cohesive instead of crowded.
Create a really cozy spot. Make use of your great outdoor furniture. Update its look to match the present season by adding some blankets and pillows. You can also make use of some vintage additions, carved pumpkins, and candles to lend more character to your space. Choose appropriate lighting to achieve the ambience you are going for.
Choose a lighter palette. Give the usual hues of warm reds, yellows, and oranges a rest this year. While sticking to the theme, create a twist by going for colors that you rarely see like whites and pastel blues. This fresh approach will set your porch apart from the neighbors’.
Having the right furniture is vital for any redesigning project. Yours should be pieces that would fit right in whatever the season is. If you are thinking of getting new ones for your outdoor space, Palm Casual can provide you with excellent options. Find the perfect one for your porch this fall!

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