Which is the Right Fence Style for Your Patio?

Wooden fence in a country house. Selective focus

That ideal fence can provide the functional and aesthetic design appeal to improve a patio area. But making the choice on which product to select can be challenging for those with little understanding on the factors involved and the products available. In this latest post, our team will explain how to choose the ideal fence for a patio space.


A Glass Fence Can Offer the Best Wind Shield

For those Florida homeowners that wish to block the wind from entering their patio space but don’t wish to lose any of the great sunlight that we experience across the area, a glass fence can be the ideal option. Glass fences can be designed to protect against strong windows while helping homeowners maintain a clear view to the exterior spaces around their backyard.


Choose Taller Fencing with Trellises for Secure Style

Homeowners that require additional security for their property might consider one of the many tall fence options available on the marketplace. Tall fences can be made less imposing and more stylish by adding trellises across the entire fence area. To further prevent intruders, homeowners may choose a fence that has no horizontal rails on the exterior, which may allow both people and animals to climb into the yard space more easily.


A Lattice-Style Design can be Used to Block a Street View

Lattice style fencing is popular in busy areas, where light might be important but blocking street access to the yard is also a key consideration. Homeowners might also try a frosted glass design style, which gives a more modern appeal to the home while blocking a clear view for those on the outside.


Considerations to Make Before Buying and Installing a New Fence

While that ideal home fence might have been quickly found, there are other considerations for homeowners to make before they finalize the purchase. These include:

Reviewing Local Building Codes

Are tall fences allowed within the neighborhood? It is important to consult a local legal expert before beginning the installation work.


Assessing Property Lines

Speak with neighbors when a large-scale fence installation is about to begin. This can help avoid any problems with deciding which part of the property belongs to whom.


Analyzing Placement of Utility Lines

Before installing fences that may encroach on public areas, it’s important to find out the placement of utility lines from the city. This can ensure homeowners avoid accidentally knocking out the local power during installation work.


Installing new fencing around a home can give a property a unique appeal. But it’s imperative that the ideal fence style is chosen for the homeowner’s objectives. Learn more about how you can choose the best fence for your patio by consulting one of our trusted experts directly. We’d love to hear from you soon!

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