Safety 101: Night-time Pool Parties

Private swimming pool at night

A pool party at night is always an exciting idea, and for most people, it’s the highlight of their vacation – one that can only be ruined by an accident. While the first rule is to have fun, you should still observe some safety rules for night-time pool parties to make sure everything goes well and your guests will come back for another fun night!
Light It Up!
At least a week before your party, check the lighting condition around your pool. To make sure that it’s safe for swimming at night, the area should be well lighted. Have some spotlights installed b a pool contractor or electrician around the pool. Most accidents can be prevented by adequate lighting, including slips, falls, trips, and yes, tumbles into the pool.
Pops of Color
You probably have beach balls, floats, and other pool toys ready for the party – but are they going to bring fun or cause injury? Unless your beach balls and floats are glow -in-the-dark, it’s better to just hide them instead of having your guests trip over them.
Furnish for Safety
Whether you love hosting night-time pool parties or not, you should only use pool furniture pieces that are safe and sturdy. You can find beautiful ones from Palm Casual’s collections that are durable and aesthetically pleasing, too. Make sure that you arrange your furniture with safety in mind. If possible, keep them all at least a meter away from the edge of your pool.
No Food and Drinks in the Pool
Of course, it’s not a pool party without snacks and drinks. However, greasy food and glasses of drinks should be kept away from the poolside area. For everyone’s safety, relocate your outdoor dining set to your patio or any other spot where you won’t have to worry about any food or drinks making their way to the poolside and making it more slippery than it has to be. Also, remember that it’s not a good idea to use your crystals to serve drinks. Plastic and paper cups are better for pool parties. Anything breakable should be replaced with something safer to use, especially since you’re going to have a night-time pool party.
Everybody loves pool parties at night. Go ahead and have fun with your family and friends, but don’t forget to take some extra precautions so you and all your guests will be safe.

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