Should You Get a Fountain for Your Patio?

patio fountain

An outdoor fountain is a beautiful, relaxing feature that can turn a dull outdoor space into an oasis. But is it right for you? If you’ve ever considered getting a fountain for your outdoor area, now is a great time to install one.
Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of these design features, and whether your household is a good fit.

5 Things to Know About Fountains

Whether you’re visualizing a large water feature or a simple patio fountain, here are five things to know before you buy.

1. Fountains Require a Source of Power

Fountains need a power source to work. Don’t worry, though; they have a wide variety of power options. The two most common are solar power and hardwired fountains.
These options mean virtually anyone can install a fountain, regardless of outlet proximity or power source.

2. Fountains Need a Source of Water

Generally, outdoor fountains are connected to the water supply of a home. This provides a simple, continuous source of water.
If you’d prefer not to connect the fountain to your water supply, you can look for options that allow you to fill them with a hose. Then, the fountain will use a pump to recirculate water.

3. Most Fountains Have Enchanting Lights

Your fountain should be a 24-hour affair. Because of this, most of them come with convenient lighting options that allow visibility during the evening and nighttime hours.
If you want fewer or more lights, you can generally augment the arrangement with the help of a professional.

4. Location is Important

One of the most significant considerations in whether or not to get a fountain is the locations you have available. While fountains can go virtually anywhere, they do need some space.
Larger fountains shouldn’t be placed up against anything because that will impede access. Meanwhile, small fountains will need to be placed in an area where nothing will block their water or power flow – especially if you are planning to purchase a solar-powered fountain.  

5. You’ll Have Multiple Finish Options

Fountains come in many different finishes. These include bronze, copper, and stone. A patio furniture dealer will be able to help you decide which finish is ideal for your home and tastes.

Is a Fountain Right for You?

Fountains are beautiful, soothing, outdoor features, and they’re compatible with most households and outdoor spaces.
If you’re ready to add a fountain to your outdoor space, contact our team today. We’ll help you discuss your options and find the perfect fit.

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