Spring Cleaning: Outdoor Furniture

Spring is slowly approaching, are you ready to do some spring cleaning?

Maintaining outdoor furniture might be a tedious task for some. That’s why here in Palm Casual, our products are designed in a way that will make cleaning and maintenance easy for our customers. Unlike other outdoor furniture, you only need two things to clean our products: bleach (Clorox) and water – with a 50-50 ratio. Some people think that cleaning with Clorox bleach might damage the furniture, fabrics, etc. but with high-quality materials, our products do not get damaged by Clorox bleach and water.

Before you host any party at your own patio or backyard, here are some things to remember when cleaning outdoor furniture:

Accumulated Dust and Dirt

The main reason why it’s a must to clean our outdoor furniture from time-to-time, especially after a shift in weather, is because dust, dirt and grime tend to accumulate – especially in the corners of the outdoor furniture. You don’t want your kids or guests to sit on a dirty surface.

Food Crumbs and Pollen

Outdoor furniture is used for various reasons. You or one of your family members or guests might use it when eating, so food crumbs are unavoidable. If you have a garden at home, pollen might also be found on your outdoor furniture. This might be dangerous for your family members or guests that are allergic to pollen. Make sure that’s taken care of to avoid further problems.

Clean Thoroughly

When you are washing your outdoor furniture, make sure that you wash all parts of it so that no part is left unclean. Make sure that you give it ample time to dry. When cleaning your cushions, you might want to turn them from one side to another to make sure that both sides dry easily.

By cleaning your outdoor furniture, you will be able to reduce common allergens and unhealthy bacteria that can spread illness to you, your family and your guests. Make it a habit to clean your outdoor furniture even if they don’t rust or easily break.

For outdoor furniture that is easily cleaned and maintained, check out the different collections we have. Not only are they easy to clean, but they are also built to last. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today so we can answer all your inquiries!