Spring Cleaning: Outdoor Living Area

The man at the raking grass in the garden at springtime

Bringing your outdoor space back to life and making them shine again can be easily done! Find it hard to believe us? Here are some tips you can follow as you do your spring cleaning soon:


Spray Steps and Siding

The number one secret to improving your home’s curb appeal with minimal expense and renovation work is a great foundation with clean exterior siding. What is the key to making the most of your time? Pressure wash. Just an hour or two of washing thoroughly removes all dirt and mildew stains. If your home has tiled exterior siding or steps, though, you should only use a garden hose to clean and rinse in those areas. The force of pressure washing can loosen the tails – be careful with that.


De-Grime Concrete Patios

To happily enjoy your outdoor living space for the rest of the year, you need to start by having a thorough annual base cleaning in early spring. This is in preparation for outdoor parties, intimate dinner, or just plain hanging out with family and friends. What you need to do is clear all plants and outdoor furniture out of the way, then sweep up leaves, sand, and debris. Then, rinse the entire patio using a garden hose. You can de-grime oily spots and stubborn stains with a 10:1 solution of warm water and an all-purpose cleaner. Leave the mixture on for 15 minutes, and then scrub the patio off with a brush or stiff broom. Rinse thoroughly.


Wipe Out Tough Stains Off Your Concrete

If there are still stains that are left after you do the initial de-griming treatment, an easier way to clean those stains than scrubbing them off for hours is by using bleach – the toughest cleaner available. Using the same solution you used in the de-griming treatment (10:1 warm water and all-purpose cleaner), add about a cup of bleach (this depends on the size of your patio; increase the amount of solution for larger spaces).


Wash Your Outdoor Furniture

If your outdoor furniture is from Palm Casual, this will not really be such a tedious task for you. All you need is a 50:50 solution of water and bleach to bring back your patio furniture to life! For your outdoor umbrellas, you may use your garden hose to wash them off and scrub off the stains using the same solution. For your wicker outdoor furniture, you can just use your old toothbrush as it is perfect for delving into the deep crevices of your patio furniture. Let outdoor furniture dry completely under the sun and in a few hours, they are good to use!


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