To Stand or to Sit – That is the Question

To Stand or to Sit – That is the Question

Having enough seating options on your outdoor dining setting can be a blessing (or a lifesaver even) in a variety of entertaining and hosting scenarios. Here at Palm Casual, we provide a number of dining settings with the perfect dining tables for your family and your guests.


Here are some ideas on how you can make the most out of your outdoor dining tables:



Potlucks or Shared Meals

Who does not enjoy good old-fashioned potluck meals where everyone brings their best dishes and all who are present get to partake in the feast? With our outdoor dining tables, rest assured that there will be enough room for each delicious entrée, side dishes, and sweet desserts!


Barbecues and Picnics

Raise your hand if you enjoy these gatherings! Outdoor dining is made much more fun when there is plenty of room for a full picnic spread and all-time favorite condiments! With our outdoor dining tables, you will have plenty of room for all those delectable grilled goodies – veggies and meats alike! No favorite side dish and dessert will be left inside!


Sporting Event or Viewing Parties

If you are celebrating the victory of your favorite team, then you can keep the team spirit alive by making your own sports fan snack table with high-quality outdoor dining tables. Let them shout and cheer at the television inside and then step outside for a bite and a cold drink during halftime. If weather permits, you can even set up your television outdoors! The perfect outdoor dining table can help you create that awesome buffet-style spread while allowing your sports fanatics to refuel and continue celebrating!



Outdoor Dinners

Even the finest place settings and cooking can lose their impact if there is not enough room for all your guests at the table. Make sure there is always plenty of space on your patio for all your guests by investing in an outdoor dining setting with high-quality dining tables.


Out-of-Town or Overseas Visitors

You might think that your current table is big enough for your entertaining needs now, but what about during the holidays when you have visitors coming from other places? The perfect outdoor dining table can be just what you need to be able to create the ideal outdoor setting to make everyone feel welcome.


Unexpected Guests

When hosting a formal dinner or a sit-down barbecue dinner, you never know when someone might bring a plus one (or sometimes even more) unannounced. For such instances, you should be ready for anything! Make sure you have the right outdoor dining table to be able to accommodate extra guests even at a moment’s notice!