Knowing the Storage Options for Your Outdoor Cushions

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To design a patio fit for lounging, outdoor chair cushions are necessary. With their comfort, your outside space may compete with your family room. An outdoor cushion’s quality and comfort must be preserved through careful storage.

By reading the following guide, you may discover all there is to know about caring for and storing your outdoor patio cushions.

Ideas for Outdoor Cushion Storage

The main consideration in each of these three suggestions is safeguarding your pillows from wetness.

A Storage Box for Outdoor Cushions

Your patio cushions can be placed within a sizable, enclosed container called an outdoor cushion storage box. This container needs to be watertight and have a lid that shuts when it is closed to keep moisture out.

A Storage Bench with Cushions Outside

An outdoor cushion storage bench provides a dry, secure location where you can place your cushions, similar to a storage box. An advantage of a storage bench is that it serves as both a place to sit and a place to store things. 

Those with little space may find this to be very suitable.

A Garage Space for Cushions

This is the finest location to store your patio cushions if you have space inside your house or garage. Your cushions’ lifespans will be increased as much as possible with a warm, dry environment that shields them from mildew and pests.

The Best Way to Get Your Cushions Ready for Storage

You should prepare your pillows before storing them for the winter. Follow the four steps to ensure your patio furniture is safely stowed away.

1. Get Rid of Loose Dirt and Debris

Shake your cushions to get rid of any accumulated loose dirt or dust. This can be improved upon simply vacuuming your cushions.

2. Carry Out a Quick Spot Removal

Remove the cushion covers from your cushions if you can. Then, gently blot any stains or smudges with a clean cloth and warm, soapy water. 

You can spot-clean the covers while they are still attached if they won’t come off. Just be mindful not to get the cushions too damp.

3. Let the Cushions and Covers Fully Dry

Your patio cushions should not be stored while they are still damp because this will encourage the formation of mold. They should be spread out in a warm, dry area with as much air flowing around them as possible. 

Till they are completely dry, leave them there.

4. Your Cushions Should Be Kept in a Warm, Dry Area

When your cushions are completely dry, stack them until you’re ready to use them in a storage container or shelf.

Patio Cushions during the Winter

Relaxing on the patios is a terrific idea on a brisk fall or winter day. Before putting your patio cushions away, you must ensure they are completely clean and dry.

Outdoor Cushions in the Rain

Keeping them dry is your main priority if you want to preserve your patio cushions. You don’t want them to wait outside in the rain whenever it’s feasible. 

The ideal location to store them is inside, where it is warm and dry. An alternative would be a box for storage. Try to move your patio cushions to a covered area.

Outdoor Cushions in Plastic Bags

Your outdoor pillows can be kept wherever you wish. Having said that, ensure they are completely dry before putting them in a plastic bag. 

If your cushions are wet when you place them inside the plastic bag because it restricts airflow, they will become moldy.


If you plan on storing outdoor cushions for more than a few months, it’s important to choose a storage option that will keep them dry and protected from the elements. Vacuum-sealing is a great option for long-term storage, as it will keep your cushions free of dust and moisture. 

Also, make sure to label your cushions so you can easily find them when you’re ready to use them again.

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