Summer Fun in Your Own Backyard

If you have an outdoor living space, then you are lucky! You don’t have to spend a fortune to get out and about this summer – you have all the space to have your family fun right in your very own backyard! Here are some ideas to get you started:
Water Fun
Let yourself and your kids cool off on a hot day by playing with water. If you have sprinklers, your kids will surely enjoy running around as you water the grass! Don’t forget to slather them in waterproof sunscreen before sending them out to scamper under the sprinkler. If you do not have enough space to have your kids run around and soaking, you have to be a little more creative. You can have them enjoy bucket baths, spray-bottle water fights, or even some water painting!
Camping 101
If you want to have a camping experience this summer, you do not need to travel far and wide – maximize your own outdoor living space! For maximum fun, make it as realistic as it can get! Pack your bags, set up a tent, and light up a ‘campfire’ – and you are all set! For the food, you can serve a camping dinner – sausages, baked beans, and of course, roasted marshmallows. You and your children will definitely have a night to remember, just spending time with each other under the stars.
Blanket Fort
Many kids enjoy building forts made up of blankets and cardboards. This is good for the children’s creativity because it takes a lot of planning and executing before you can come up with a sturdy fort. You can also have them use sturdy but durable chairs, lounge cushions and sheets. Your kids will also learn how to have fun but then clean-up afterwards as they have to put everything back into their proper places.
Interactive Games
What other way to have fun than by simply playing? It’s fun to play games such as Hide and Seek, Freeze Tag, and even Sword Fights – especially when you’re on your outdoor living area. If you get tired of playing these games, you can also play with the help of sports equipment: hula hoops, bicycles, scooters, baseball bats, etc. Let your kids enjoy while being safe in your own backyard.
These are just some suggestions on how you can keep your children occupied this summer. Not only are you keeping them busy, but you are also promoting a stronger bond with them as you all get to enjoy and maximize your outdoor living space. For outdoor furniture that is sure to provide comfort as you do these activities, check out Palm Casual. Our furniture items are affordable and long-lasting; see them for yourself!

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