Summer’s Four Hottest Patio Trends

For those looking to expand the value of their property and keep up with the neighbors and friends, it’s important to analyze the latest trends. The patio designmarket is growing increasingly quickly in 2015, and within this post our team will outline four of the hottest trends taking place in the patio design marketplace.

1. Colourful Patios

Colorful themes are being highlighted across the patio marketplace this season as homeowners are eschewing the traditional and classic styles for brighter and more noticeable shades. Brighter shades of red and blue are particularly effective in creating that ideal beach-side resort feel within a backyard space.

2. Fire Pit Patio Areas

Keeping warm in the cool evening air via a fire pit is becoming a popular option in the Florida patio design marketplace. Homeowners across the region are now turning to fire pit table sets that bring cozy and comfort chairs around a calming and warm fire pit. It’s a trend that is seeing manufacturers make propane-fired fire pits in a broad array of sizes and styles.

3. Vertical Hanging Gardens

With the organic gardening trend still in full swing and homeowners committed to limiting the use of space within their gardens in 2015, vertical hanging gardens are now being crafted across the region. Vertical wall gardens offer the ideal location to showcase brightly colored flowers while protecting them from animals. And they could offer homeowners the means to introduce children to garden spaces this summer season, as each vertical garden pot is separated in its own container.

4. Casual Dining Areas

In recent months, patio designers have been created more and more flexible-use spaces within local homes. Casual dining spaces that combine ottomans, tables and sectional pieces are now being created to replace the immovable and impractical patio pieces of old. Now homeowners are searching for pieces that they can use during casual dining events with family, while also having the option of putting various elements together to create a more upscale patio for throwing parties and other social events for neighbors and associates.

The patio design trends for 2015 are set to bring color and style to outdoor areas across Florida this year! To learn more, contact our experts directly today.