Surprise Your Family Using Your Own Outdoor Living Space

Mixed race parents carry their kids piggyback in a park

When was the last time you spent time with your whole family and had fun? Some people think that to achieve that you have to plan a trip, perhaps go to the beach or a theme park. In truth, you can always do fun activities right in your own back or front yard.
Don’t know how to do it? Here are some great activities that you can do to surprise your family in your own outdoor living space:
Have a Fun Movie Night
Invite your loved ones to a fun movie night in your yard. You can prepare popcorn and drink. If you have extra time, you can create cardboard box cars for your kids to experience a drive-in movie. Make sure you provide comfortable seating for everyone!
Call for Twister Time
Show your kids your fun side by challenging them in a game of Twister right in your own yard. If you feel you cannot handle that, then perhaps some other game like a water balloon fight, a treasure hunt, or whatever game you think your kids would love.
Turn Your Garden Shed into a Reading Nook
Everyone needs a little me time where you could just kick back and relax with a good book. So why not surprise your family with private space where they can do just that? If you have a shed, you can turn that into a reading nook or a mini-library. Set up some shelves with books and a comfortable recliner or couch to make the experience truly enjoyable. A mini-fridge with cool drinks wouldn’t hurt either!
Hold a Talent Show
Call grandma and grandpa and all the cousins and their kids! It’s time you surprise your family with a new tradition – a talent show for the young ones! Set up a small stage or platform where the kids can perform. You can go simple or go all out with the props complete with backdrops and curtains. Make your grandparents the judges.  Make sure every kid goes home with some sort of prize, too!
Turn Your Yard into a Café
Take out those string lights out of your Christmas décor box and hang them across your yard for ambient lighting. Instead of going out to a restaurant, have the kids help you out with the food. Surprise them with your wonderful café-like set up in the backyard!
A little surprise for your family is more than enough to create great memories, especially for your children. For quality patio furniture that will keep you and your family comfortable, take a peek at our collections here at Palm Casual and find the perfect items for you!

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