The Beauty of Recycled Plastic Furniture

recycled plastic patio furniture

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is the go-to choice if you are considering going ‘green’ on your outdoor living space. It is designed to look and feel like it is made of real wood but it is actually made from post-consumer plastics. If you invest in recycled plastic patio furniture, your guests might not even believe it when you tell them that they are sitting on former plastic bottles!
Unlike real wood, however, recycled plastic patio furniture has a lifetime finish that does not fade even when exposed in the different elements of nature. You don’t have to worry about keeping it outdoors – your recycled plastic outdoor furniture will remain colorful and looking new for many years to come.
How Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture is Made
The raw materials used in recycled plastic patio furniture can be from post-consumer bottle waste such as milk and detergent bottles or other post-industrial materials. For a recycled plastic patio furniture to take its form, post-consumer plastics are melted, molded and shaped into plastic lumber.
For colored lumber, dye is poured directly into the material so the color is ensured to run all the way through its core. This is done so that in the future, if your recycled plastic outdoor furniture is scratched or dinged, its next layer will have the matching color – making wear and tear less noticeable.
Benefits of Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture
We can give you several benefits of having recycled plastic outdoor furniture. Durability-wise, the quality of recycled plastic patio furniture is worth your investment. Since it is made from plastic, a durable material, you do not have to worry if it gets used often. You also do not have to worry if it gets exposed to direct sunlight, or a heavy snowfall. It is also affordable compared to other outdoor furniture made from different materials.
Aside from having high-quality patio furniture, you will also be doing the environment a favor by choosing recycled plastic patio furniture.
Since winter is near, now is the perfect time to invest in recycled plastic patio furniture! You don’t want to settle for outdoor furniture that you have to stow away during winter, do you? So, what are you waiting for?
Here at Palm Casual, our recycled plastic outdoor furniture items come in different styles and colors. For each of your needs, we have the perfect piece and set for you. Be sure to check out our website today!

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